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Her Imperial And Royal Majesty,Catherine V

Tsarina Of All Of Russia, Catherine V

Tsarina Of All Of Russia

Her Imperial And Royal Majesty

Catherine V

Tsarina Of All Of Russia


Her Imperial And Royal Majesty(Formal)
Your Majesty(In-formal)






4:11:1995 (a.24)





Net Worth

$15.17 billion
RUB13.21 billion

Full Name

Catherine Alexeievna Ivanovich






Nadya Kurlakova

Moscow University
(Bsc Philosophy)


Orthodox Christianity

"It is to our duty, that the forgotten and once gone Rurik dynasty shall be restored to its rightful place.And now, I had been given the opportunity to do so, and I could not have done it without the assistance of my people"
- A part of Catherine V's first speech to the public

Catherine V(born Catherine Alexeievna Ivanovich) is the current Tsarina Of Rurik Russia.She ascended to the throne approximately 3 months after her father,Ivan VIII's passing.








Early Life

Catherine V was born as the 1st and sole child of Tsar Ivan VIII and Nadya Kurlakova during the later and final years of the Cold War between Rurik Russia and China generally.Despite being able to enjoy a very lavish lifestyle from birth, she was unknowingly surrounded by fears of assassination by pro-socialist sympathizers, wishing to establish a socialist republic as a whole.Ultimately, in order to indulge her with the western lifestyle and also for her to be able to learn English she was sent to the UK to live with a specifically chosen family, under a new identity and cover, with hopes of success in foreign lands.

Life In The UK

While staying at the UK and eventually returning at the age of 14, she was given and registered with the name Alexandra Kusovich as to hide her real identity.Despite being subjected to indirect discrimination of originating from a short-lived communist nation, she managed to face and live her life there perfectly under the care of a distant relative family of hers.There, she was reported to had excelled in foreign languages having being able to speak English and also French.She was also reported to had completely excel in history.

Rise In Politics

Apparent to face the newly-appearing sentiments of republicanism whom some of them were dissatisfied with the power of the monarchy whom had once faced heavy under-popularity during the time of the Romanovich Nicholas II.Due to this, despite being a young girl and princess, she pursued to help her family maintain their position and popularity, knowing that a monarchy could keep Russia together.

Reign;December Riot

In the end, just a few months before her father's passing, Catherine has been able to come out as a gifted, bright and talented leader, expected to turn the tides of the republican sentiments against the monarchy.However, a riot caused by republicans a few days later which was popularly known as the December Riot after her father's passing on 3 December had marked a dark spot for the beginning of her expected rule.Even though the riot was eventually quelled with 8 casualties and several others, ranging from 30-85 injured, the riot had started to turn more dissent against the monarchy by claiming that the monarchy to had purposely inflict casualties to keep its absolute power maintained and preserved.

For Catherine, the original and supposed date of ascension and crowning was to be on 8th December on the same year, but it was ultimately delayed by around 3 months as to lower the dissent against the monarchy.On the verge of rising to power as expected, this time on 22 March 2015, she promised her people a more tolerable form of democracy during her rule; whilst maintaining the absolute power and status of the monarchy.This soon came to a realization with the re-introduction of the State Council and the State Duma, both being last used during the late Tsar Nicholas II's reign.

Empress Dowager's Departure

Already being challenged with the loss of her father at a very young age, she was soon faced with an another similar challenge which was her mother's passing away just 2 years after her father's.During this period, Catherine V had, in a disclosed matter suffered a syndrome known as the orphan syndrome.For 2 months after her mother's departure, all affairs were handled by her uncle, who was ultimately made the Heir Apparent to the throne.Since then, Catherine had been quite sensitive about her past, whilst bonding with her uncle to a closer level.


Political Views
Catherine V, starting from her reign is best described as a:
  • Religious Conservative

  • Progressive Conservative

  • Cultural/Social Conservative

Economical Views
Catherine V practices a very successful policy of East-first when dealing with economical trade.Due to this, she mostly consulted deals and tradings with the emerging and progressive Japan, whom she himself admired them for their powerful economy, healthy living and the creativity of their energy usages.

Religious Views
Catherine V is a Tsarina who is obedient to the teachings of God, whom Catherine V would worship during daily Sundays in the church, while being dressed as ordinary people, to which she also takes the time to greet the people of Rurik Russia.Catherine V also respected and held the clerics in great respect and dignity to which she would often consult them on religious-affiliated issues.


Catherine V is an avid player of the piano, and despite that she never held the dream of becoming an accomplished pianist and alike, she would often play it during her free time, citing it as the "melody of peace and harmony".Currently, she is being taught by her uncle, the Grand Duke into the sports of hunting.Although she rarely accompanied her uncle on hunting trips, she has since started to plant deep interest in the sport.

Personal Information

Catherine V is widely known in Russia for being a monarch, dedicated verily to the environment.In the wide and expanded backyard of her Alexander palace, she reportedly had filled almost all of it with lots of beautiful and various types of plants.She is also a distant relative of the former Romanov dynasty, even though this claim is severely disputed.

Despite being single and non-affiliated with anyone, even from the age of 18, she was recently rumored to had been in a private relationship with a French duke, whom she was spotted with the latter in an afternoon meal at a local cafe in Moscow.But currently, Her Majesty's relationship status remains unclear.


  • She is a good friend of former US President Barack Obama, having met him directly during the latter's visit to Russia on official duties during her father's reign.However, she is a vocal critic of Obama's successor, Donald Trump, having popularly criticized him of his plans of building a wall along the American-Mexican border, citing it as a "racist and sectarian" decision to do so.

  • Despite receiving endless and hateful criticisms from underground republicans for her conservative intolerance for democracy;she has enjoyed a very secured position, support and favor among the monarchists.So far she has received no assassination attempts, either on her life or the Rurikid royal family members, with the exception of Grand Duke Ivan, whom had received only one during a troop inspection.

  • Catherine V has a very different hair color previously,to which her brown haired color changed naturally to the current blonde color, reportedly after the age of 22.

  • Catherine V, is related to Kaiserin Victoria Louise II of Deutschess Kaiserreich, with the latter being Catherine's third cousin through the Hohenzollern-Romanov dynastic line.

Titles & Honours

Styles Of Tsarina Catherine V Of Rurik Russia

Reference Style: Her Imperial And Royal Majesty
Spoken Style:Your Majesty
Alternative Style:Ma'am

  • 4 November 1992-22 March 2015:Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Catherine Alexeievna Ivanovich Of Russia

  • 22 March 2015-Present:Her Imperial And Royal Majesty Tsarina Of All Of Russia




Catherine V's during her father's funeral ceremony

Catherine V in her official outfit as Tsarina Of All Of Russia


"Without a powerful ruler, the country will never be powerful and without a powerful country, a powerful ruler will never be powerful, that's how it works"

"It has never come to my attention, until now that what we've seen, that some of them are lies of the victors.Indeed, the victors writes the history, not the defeated ones"

"One ruler is not without the people, the people is not without the one ruler"

"It is to our realization, that no matter how strong and glorious we are, others are neither superior or inferior to us"

"Everything in my country will be in its order.The ruler shall rule the country;and the ruler's people shall help him, or her to rule the country"

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