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Forrest Pellets

Boogah-Ooh, Obichma

Forrest Pellets

We have developed a chemical concoction that is purely psychological in effect. We shall call them Forrest Pellets, named after Nathaniel Forrest, a great leader of The confederate territory. By compressing it into a pellet, all it takes is physical contact with the chemical in order for it to have an effect. For the military, each pellet will contain one gram of the substance.

We have tested this chemical on different Alabami living in Boogah-Ooh by placing a tablet of it on their arm.. Here's their doses and their observations.

150 g - "I'm not feeling good. I think I might die..."

250 g - "Oh no... Oh no... I am going to die. Please end it early. Please kill me."

500 g - "I hath seen the end of the world before my very eyes. I want to die."

1 mg - "My vision is blurry. I am seeing things. Including death." The subject then tried to stab his neck with a pencil. We had to tranquilize him. At this point, we stopped testing.

As you can see, the chemical creates a sense of impending doom on the victim. Physically, their body is fine. The pellet shot at them may sting, but within thirty minutes, they will want to kill themselves, especially if they receive a dose as large as one gram. With such a weapon, we can covertly fight off hordes of enemies without doing any physical harm to them.

Combine it with physical harm, and the tide of battle will be advantageous.


Project Leader:
James Pulaski The confederate territory

Assisting Scientists:
Nathaniel Forrest The confederate territory
Edward Spring The confederate territory
Parves Recuzir Jokenation
Tybolt Shiloh Jokenation
Ethereus Schaunacht Jokenation
Jesse Rimp Communist erbok
Davis Jacowitz Obichma
Remmy Herrala Obichma