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File 285

The Expansionist Democracy Of
Crazybloxian Empire
File GE&T-#01

SUBJECT: Storefront plans.
The Empire shall build new storefronts and launch the “100 Storefront” plan, which is to build four new storefronts, and gain a 45% piece of the GE&T pie.

Storefronts shall be constructed not too fast, as the international regulatory agencies will ban us from creating storefronts (OOC meaning: If we make too many storefronts Moderators will ban us for spamming), with one storefront a month.

OOC: Due to the mod ruling prohibiting the creation of several threads for one storefront, anything requiring a catalogue or secondary thread will be created after a three days’ notice to all moderators.

Otherwise, if denied, the bulk of the storefront shall be created offsite.
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Advertising strategies shall be ramped up by forming a new telegram office responsible for sending telegrams via API and will utilize existing tools to do such advertising. No advertising shall be sent to nations of the region Force. Such telegram office shall be located in the Crazybloxian Empire region.