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The United Dynastic Republic of Opstan

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"Justice for the weak and strong alike"
- Destine Lez Wichimire

Queal national park


The United Dynastic Republic of Opstan is a massive, efficient nation, ruled by Destine Lez Wichimire with an even hand, and remarkable for its closed borders, deadly medical pandemics, and sprawling nuclear power plants. The hard-nosed, hard-working, humorless population of over 3 billion Opstanians are either ruled by a sleek, efficient government or a conglomerate of multinational corporations; it's difficult to tell which, while the national income tax rate is 4.4%.

The nation of Opstan is a particularly recently founded nation, it split from Opra-Imperium and fought a 6 year long war against them, including a 3 year war 14 years later, which caused Opra-Imperium to collapse. Opstan has fought a total of 19 winning a total of 12 of them, the rest were settled diplomatically. Opstan had been a member of the Eastern Union for 17 years, and made a huge impact in it. Opstan was also the founder of the ITC, where it used manage trade between international corporations.

The citizens of Opstan have rights that are protected by the state. The economy of Opstan is a massive industrial power house and has a GDP of 1,627 trillion shards. Opstan withholds international relationships with certain nations, including nations in the EU. Opstan has been a member in 2 massive alliances, the EU and the JU, Opstan plays a major role in the EU curently and has done many things to increase the power of the alliance as a whole. Opstan is also a member of the organization UEP, Opstan has medium influence in UEP and has strived for the longevity of the organization.