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5 years on NationStates!

2013-10-13 2018-10-13

On this very day (if you're reading this today), the 13th of October, in the year 2013, I created this nation. I was somewhat indecisive on what I should call my nation, but I settled on this one, The Solar System Scope, a name I derived from an online orrery simulation website. I was founded in the region that is called the South Pacific, which is one of the feeder game-created regions in the game. Since then, a lot has happened...

Initially, I was in most respects a noob. I had no idea that there was such a thing as a Regional Message Board, because I never bothered to scroll down below the World Census... South pacific belschaft, now more commonly known as Belschaft, was the then-Delegate, who helped me quite a lot with my silly telegrams trying to understand how this works... Eventually I found it, on the 27th of November, right before Thanksgiving. The posts from that time today make me cringe somewhat since they are quite embarrassing, seeing as I was completely unused to social interaction over the Internet, especially in English. Eventually, however, I started integrating more and more, taking positions in the government, and I have now become the longest serving Local Councillor in the region. I once let my nation cease to exist on the 11th of November of 2016, after having lost interest in the game, but a yearning to return eventually lead to me coming back, thankfully, on New Year's Eve. As the time passed, I gained more an more interests. From being simply astronomy and science aimed, I started developing an interest in anime, foxes, gaming, programming, linguistics, and many others, and my personality has developed since then, making me more mature.

Over the years, I met many people, some of which have played for years, some of which joined just yesterday. Some of which who are still around, and some of which who are no longer with us... Some of these early dwellers include Fudgetopia, Curlyhoward, Alice Parker, Tsrill, Sanden, Escade, Harmonious Paperclips, Lady Jessica Rabbit, Karatengisa, Tsunamy Kringalia, Farengeto, Bear Connors Paradiso, Sedunn, Southern Bellz, Rebel-topia, Copernecium, and many others. There are also many who no longer on the site, most notably Feirmont, a former delegate who will truly be missed...

There are also many newer arrivals that have had a significant impact and who I hold dear in my heart, like Erinor, Pencil Sharpeners 2, Auphelia, Midand, Aidenfieeld, Vincent Field, The Serres Republic, Jaxon, Lily Pad Nation, Arkesia, Seanadia, Concrete Slab, Volaworand, Hanguk-Nippon, Yansu, Felis Silvestris Grampia, Upperclassman, East Lodge, Imperial Snasdep, 073 039 109 032 080 111 112 112 121, Techolandia, Sthalrim, Roswaesian Diplomacy, Proobscis, Steuropa, The ColdWyvernian Undead, Aumeltopia, Nakari, and others too. I have also made some friends in other regions, the most significant probably being Japanese Schoolgirls and Jar Wattinree.

A very special thanks must go to my dear Si-topia, with whom I have an unparalleled relationship and has probably been the person I have been the closest to these past months. She has cheered me up almost every day and has not hesitate to help me during difficult situations. I want her to know that she always will have a special place in my heart, and I am sure that she thinks fondly of me too. I sincerely and wholeheartedly hope that the future will be bright and that we will continue to have a great time on this site together. Here's to another five years! 💙