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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


This dispatch answers some frequently asked questions for nations who are new to The Leftist Assembly. The document was approved by the General Assembly on 9 October 2018 and is currently administered by Minister of Recruitment The Final Horseman.

💬 Discord

Q: How do I join the Discord Server?

A: You can join the Discord server by following here and follow the given instructions.

Q: Discord sucks! Can you make a server using another chat service?

A: Given that most of us use Discord and there isn’t any other chat service that we all use, it is unlikely that we’d change our chat service just to suit one nation. However, we may add another chat service if there is sufficient demand for it.

Q: What’s the difference between stuff posted on the Discord server and the Regional Message Board?

A: We usually use the Regional Message Board for posting more important things such as announcements or requesting opinions about various topics. The #foyer chat is just for chatting and sharing news. The #miscellaneous chat is for putting memes. We also host all our RP events over on Discord. You can find the purpose of all chats in their description.

📊 Elections

Q: What is the difference between general elections and by-elections?

A: General elections are elections that happen at the start of every March, June, September and December. All of the General Assembly seats are up for grabs in the general elections. By-elections happen only if there are not enough participants in the General elections, or one of the General Assembly are evicted of their position.

Q: How do I run for a position?

A: You need to wait for the next election, then vote for the position you would like to run for in the nomination poll.

Q: What do I need to do after I nominate myself?

A: First, you need to post on the Regional Message Board that you are running. Then, you are encouraged to create a manifesto stating your intentions. Finally, you should join the Discord server if you have not yet joined it, as there may be debates or questions asked on the Discord chat.

Q: What does Condorcet voting mean? And Single transferable vote?

A: The Condorcet system ranks candidates against each other, with a candidate that has more people ranking that candidate higher than another candidate obtaining a “win”. The candidates are then placed based on who has the most wins.

🤔 Gameplay

Q: Is there someplace I can see the outcomes of issues?

A: Yes, absolutely! By following either this link to NSWiki ( or this one ( you will be able to see the effects of your choices for specific issues before you make them.

Q: Is there any military gameplay on NationStates?

A: For the answer to this question, we'll ask that you read here (viewtopic.php?f=12&t=307728). There you will be able to read to your heart's content about raiding and defending in the game.


Q: What is the General Assembly?

A: The General Assembly is our legislative government. It is comprised of 5 Senators, 1 Prime Minister and 1 Secretary. They propose and vote on bills and amendments to our regional law. They are bound by the Legislature Conduct Act.

Q: What does the Secretary do, then?

A: The Secretary is the leader of The Leftist Assembly, both in the Government and in diplomacy. The Secretary also nominates Ministers and Justices, which will then be voted upon by the General Assembly and the entire TLA respectively.

Q: What are Ministers?

A: Ministers are assigned by the Secretary to oversee certain parts of the region. For example, the Minister of Foreign Affairs seeks to create embassies while strengthening ties with other regions. If the Secretary wishes to assign a non-General Assembly nation as Minister, the General Assembly will vote to decide if this nation will have the Minister role.

Q: What do Justices do?

A: Justices are the judges and juries of The Leftist Assembly. A nation can file a complaint to the Justices using the prosecution form here, and the Justices will hold a trial, and determine whether the accused is guilty or not, as well as their punishment.

Q: What are ambassadors and why do we always get new ones?

A: Ambassadors are positions that are assigned to certain embassies. They facilitate communication between the two regions. As we build more embassies, we need more ambassadors to work between the two regions.


Q: Where can I see the laws of The Leftist Assembly?

A: Our Constitution can be seen here and our Code of Laws can be seen here.

Q: Why do we have separate pieces of legislation, anyway?

A: The nations that originally created our laws decided that some of the laws were very important and should be decided by the public, but some of them were less important and they could be left for voting by the General Assembly.

Q: What is the difference between a bill and an amendment?

A: A bill is a new proposed law that, if passed, is included as an Act in the Code of Laws. An amendment is a change to our existing Acts or the Constitution.

Q: How do I write a proposal?

A: You’ll need to read the Law Writing Guide to understand formatting, titles and terms. Then, you’ll need to make a dispatch including your law changes. Afterwards, you’ll need to get a member of the General Assembly to sign it, and put it on the Regional Message Board for people to discuss.


Q: What does the public vote on?

A: They vote on amendments to the Constitution, votes of no confidence (votes to remove a nation from power), general elections and by-elections.

Q: What website(s) do we use to cast our votes?

A: We use regional polls on NationStates and Google Forms (although other voting services are permitted by the law). Google Forms is used whenever a vote has multiple options (e.g. general elections), while regional polls cover simple ‘yes or no’ questions (e.g. referendums).

Q: How do I “confirm” my votes?

A: All you need is to send a telegram to Leftist Assembly Founder. Note that you only need to do this if the election in question is on an offline voting site.

Q: I can’t vote! What do I do?

A: Make sure that you have joined the World Assembly, as we use this to confirm that everybody is a separate person. You will need to use your email address to register, however.

Q: How do I know if there is a vote going on?

A: Don’t worry! The founder account will inform you via a message on the Regional Message Board, a telegram to your nation, and an announcement on the Discord server. Seriously, you will know.

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