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The English Socialist Party [W.I.P]

The English Socialist Party

Ingsoc Party logo

Eric Oswald Hastings giving a speech

Supreme Leader
Eric Oswald Hastings

Notable members
Eric Oswald Hastings

Emmanuel Goldstein

25 January, 1945

Birmingham, England

London, England

"The Revolution"

Paramilitary wing
The Vanguard

The Black Army

English Socialism



Oligarchic Collectivism

......... Black, White, and Red

"The Revolution is today."

The English Socialist Party, also known as the Inner Party and Ingsoc in Newspeak, is the founding and ruling political party of The Orwellian Dictatorship of The English Socialist Union of Oceania. The party supports and enforces the political ideology of English Socialism as the official state ideology of Oceania politically, economically, and socially.

The English Socialist Party first emerged in 1945 during the Second World War and remained an unpopular political party until 1953 after World War III when the Soviet Union, one of the world’s major powers and former ally to the Allied Powers in World War Two, invaded all of inland Europe with the exception of the United Kingdom.

The British Isles, notably the island of Great Britain, like most European nations in post-World War II Europe, was struck multiple times by the ballistic nuclear missiles possessed by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, allowing the Red Army to invade the now defenceless continent inland with the British Isles standing as the only bastion of Europe from Soviet aggression. Emerging victorious, the Soviet Union controlling all of inland Europe would then grow into The Soviet Socialist Superstate of Eurasia United under the ideology of Neo-Bolshevism.