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Lardyland has made it to 1000 embassies!!!

Congrats to Mediterranean and its founder Nova-Roma for being our 1000th embassy!!! Also a big thanks to San Lumen for accepting the embassy request.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I would like to thank every single one of the Diplomacy officers for helping get us there.

Thank you to:

1. Sung il meat, thank you for sticking with Lardyland after all we have as a region been through and being one of the most influential members of Lardyland and even the original spam region. You have requested over 850 embassies throughout Spam and Lardyland, the most out of any person (besides me) in Lardyland.

2. Xpert, even though I know he isnít here, he has requested over 640 embassies, which is significant considering he is no longer with us. He was sadly CTE right before summer.

3. Chesist, even though you are a relatively new face around Lardyland, you have requested plenty of embassies yourself. Racking up a total of 231 embassies, you have earned yourself the position of lead diplomacy officer. I hope to see you as an extremely influential member in Lardyland in the future.

4. Lardy legend, you have requested 153 embassies, which is a considerable amount. You were lead diplomacy officer for some time, and I can tell that you hope to be powerful and influential in Lardyland very soon.

5. Pinochet Executionists, you have requested 123 embassies. Also, thank you for saying hello to a lot of our embassy regions, it does say a lot about us if you are willing to do that to so many regions.

6. Syria-Kebabistan, you have requested 84 embassies. I really think that you should try to run for an office here if you want to advance further in government.

7. King of the Ghosts, you have requested 56 embassies. The reason you have polls authority is because you are in the WA, which I hope other people look to your example in the future. Thank you.

8. Hrh queen elizabeth ii, you have requested 45 embassies.

9. Miedzy, you have requested a whole 17 embassies.

So yeah iím pretty sure thatís everyone (if I have forgotten you feel free to TG me and Iíll add you in.

Oh wait...

I feel like I am forgetting something...

Nah, itís not important.