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Archipelago Statutes: Laws of the Region (Please read on arrival!)

Legislative Repository
The Great Archipelago Statutes
L'Archipel statuts
대한도해의 법령

Diplomacy & International Affairs Act
of October 2018
  1. “RMB”, ingame regional message board

Article 1:

  1. Under no circumstances shall The Archipelago engage in war or conflict with other nations or regions unless provoked.

  2. Any nation threatening The Archipelago with war will be taken seriously.

Article 2:

  1. The postage of uncivilised texts, images or data on other regional RMB is strictly prohibited.

  2. War inducing messages on RMB or on any form of message board associated with another region is prohibited.

  3. Any nation caught will be charged with banishment.

Article 3:

  1. Declaration of wars must be done in a democratic manner in which voting is required to approve the declaration.

  2. The founder can veto proposals to declare war.

  3. All declaration of wars must be reasonable.

Internal Security & Uprising Act
of October 2018
  1. “Public officers”, nations holding positions in region.

Article 1:

  1. Send or issuing and the act of sending threats to public officers is prohibited.

  2. Sending telegrams to member states containing offensive, disturbing or threatening contents is prohibited.

  3. Nations caught shall be charged with ejection.

Article 2:

  1. Nations that are fascists are not allowed to exist.

  2. Nations that are fascist are not granted equal rights as standard member republics.

  3. Nations caught shall be charged with ejection.

Article 3:

  1. Inciting a riot is prohibited.

  2. Causing unrest is prohibited.

  3. Overthrowing the administration or the government is prohibited.

  4. Nations caught shall be charged with banishment.