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Welcome to Conifer!

Welcome to Conifer!
Hello! If you're reading this, then you're probably someone who's new to NationStates, and who either has just joined the region of Conifer, or considering doing so. In either case, welcome! In this dispatch, I'll list some questions about Conifer, NationStates in general, and maybe some other things, that you might have.

What is this place?
Conifer, as its region page says, is "a new region with a focus on roleplay, activities, cooperation with like-minded regions, debating and just being social & happy". We're mainly focused on the environment (hence our name) but absolutely anyone is welcome to join.

How can I join?
If you recieved a recruitment telegram asking you if you want to join Conifer, there should be a button at the bottom of the telegram which you can click. If that doesn't work for you, then go to the region page. Underneath the description thingy there should be a button that says "Move <your nation> to Conifer!". Click it, and it should be obvious what to do after that.

Who's in charge here?
The person actually in charge of Conifer at any time is the current Premier. The Premier is elected every 4 months. Currently, the Premier is Gallaton.

What's the WA? / What does "endorse" mean?
The World Assembly (WA) is NationStates's equivalent of the United Nations. Anyone can join by clicking the button on the WA page. (Note that you're only allowed to have one nation in the WA at any one time). By joining the WA, not only do you get to vote on international law, but you also unlock a cool little ability called "endorsing". Anyone in the WA can endorse anyone else in the WA as long as they're both in the same region. What's the point in this, I hear you ask? Well, the person in a region with the most endorsements becomes that region's WA Delegate. Not only does the Delegate get an extra vote on WA laws for each of their endorsements, but they also get special privileges for regional administration. (In Conifer, the WA Delegate is the Premier, and other people are encouraged to endorse the Premier to get them to have the most endorsements).
The other benefit of joining the WA if your nation is in Conifer is that, if you have been in Conifer for more than 5 days, being in the WA gives you the right to vote and run for government office. So if you're interested in getting involved in Conifer, definitely do that.

What's a Discord?
LinkDiscord is a instant messaging and voice chat service, which we use to talk to each other offsite. The best two things about Discord are that it doesn't cost anything to use, and that you don't need to download anything at all to use it. Conifer's Discord server (the link is on our region page and in the "Other Resources" section below) has channels for general conversation, regional news, government co-ordination and planning, and some offtopic stuff like gaming. It's also where regional roleplay (where you pretend to be an actual country and interact with other countries) is located, so if you're interested in that sort of thing then that's where it is.

I have another question that wasn't on here!
Join our Discord server and ask there. There will almost always be somebody online there to answer questions or help you with any problems you might have. Alternatively, check the list of Other Resources below to see if any of them can help you.

Other resources
If you've got this far then you're probably interested and want to know more. That's great! Here are some other places for info about both Conifer and NationStates in general.

  • LinkConifer's official website - Hosted here is our wiki, which contains all Coniferian legislation and details of cultural events (and also memes), as well as the voting site, where all our elections are held.

  • LinkThe Second Charter - The second version of the official legal founding document for Conifer. It defines exactly how the government works and how different legal processes should happen. It's a little more technical than this dispatch, but it's great if you really want to know how Conifer works.

  • Nationstates Help Page - The official help page, tells you all about how NationStates works at a basic level. There's a much more detailed FAQ here if you want it, too.

  • LinkConifer Discord Server - This is where most activty in Conifer happens. There's almost always somebody online, so if you have a question and you can't find the answer someone here will certainly be able to help.

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