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Offices of the Federative Committee


Chairman of the Federation: Andrew Campbell of The North American Powers
Vice Chairman of the Federation: Konrad Emacio of Dopoka

Federative Committee

Head Judiciary: Vacant
Director of the Armed Forces: Chuck Aegis of The milky boi
Secretary of the State: Vacant
Manager of Internal Affairs: Vacant
Manager of Economic Affairs: Vacant

Federate Judiciary: (Committee Chair Vacant)
Associate Justice 1: Vacant
Associate Justice 2: Vacant

Federate Military: Telegram The milky boi if interested
General of the Federate Army: Vacant
Commander of the Federate Navy: Vacant
Commander of the Federate Air Force: Vacant
General of the Federate Raiding Force: Vacant
Director of Weapons Development: Vacant
Director of the Federative Police Unit: Vacant

Social Agency: Committee Chair Vacant
Head of the Department of Affairs: Vacant
Head of the Department of Education: Vacant
Head of the Department of Hospitality: Vacant

Federative Economic Agency: (Committee Chair Vacant)
Chief Taxation Officer: Vacant
Chief Logistical Officer: Vacant
Chief of Public Transportation: Vacant

It is highly encouraged that members apply for vacant Federative Committee positions

Updated 20 February 2019

Federative Committee of the UFF