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Federative Law

The following legislation shall be the official law of the United Fascist Federation.

The Federation shall be established as a beaurocracy and shall heavily support autocratic ideologies. The Federation shall be run by the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Federation, assisted by an elite group of officials known as the Federative Committee. The Federative Committee shall consist of six chairs, each with a designated department or role. The chairs of the Federative Committee are as follows;

-Head Justice of the Federative Judiciary- Chairs the Federative Judiciary; interprets the Federative Law; investigates Nations for signs of insurgency; appoints Nations to Federative Hearings. Undersecretaries: Associate Justice 1 and 2, Chief of Intelligence.

-Director of the Armed Forces of the Federate Military- Chairs the Federationís Military; commands the Federationís army, navy, and air forces; plans and carries out war; directs the Federationís Raiding Force. Undersecretaries: General of the Federative Army, Commander of the Federative Navy, Commander of the Federative Air Force, General of the Federative Raiding Force, Director of Weapons Development, Director of the Federative Police Unit.

-Secretary of the State- In charge of the Federationís foreign affairs; recruits and hires recruiters.

-Vice Secretary of the State- Chairs the Social Agency; deals with internal affairs such as FAQs, education, and healthcare. Undersecretaries: Head of the Department of Affairs, Head of the Department of Education, Head of the Department of Hospitality.

-Manager of Economic Affairs of the Federative Economic Agency- manages trade within the Federation; establishes taxes; manages the Federationís budget; also deals with logistical and civil affairs such as regional and interregional imports and exports, and the construction of national roads and management of public transportation. Undersecretaries: Chief Taxation Officer, Chief Logistical Officer, Chief of Public Transportation.

The Federative Committee shall:
-assist the Chairmen (The Chairman and the Vice Chairman of the Federation) in their day-to-day jobs and shall, upon appointment, solemnly swear that they will report directly to the Chairmen and shall obey all orders issued by the Chairmen.

-recognize that any Chair of the Federative Committee that is inactive for ten (10) or more days is delaying political and economic progress and shall be issued one warning. If the warning is ignored, the Chair shall be removed from office and shall not be permitted to run for any Committee positions in the future.

-reserve the right to suppress any Regional Message Board post that leaks classified information such as raiding, N-Day, Z-Day, or any other diplomatically sensitive material or plans or any other message that they feel might put the international security of the UFF at risk.

The Federation shall establish an interregional advisory committee, called the Intelligence Advisory Committee. It shall act as the second official advisory to the Chairmen, and it's advisors shall gather any intelligence on possible raid targets, threats to international security, and news on important diplomatic events. Only trusted members of the Federation's closest allies will be allowed into this committee.

The Federation shall establish an official regional raiding force, known as the Federate Raiding Force, and shall be commanded by the General of the Federate Raiding Force.

The Chairmen shall:
-be granted supreme executive administrative authority and shall reserve the right to veto or overrule the actions of any Chair of the Federative Committee;

-reserve the right to suppress any Regional Message Board (RMB) post that they believe to be disowning, disrespecting, or outright betraying the laws or ideologies of the Federation.

The Federation shall:

-recognize that in the absence of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman shall take his place. It is also recognized that if neither Chairmen are present, the Head Justice, shall take their place. If he is absent, then the line of succession continues.

-not recognize any motto or slogan, but shall require that Regional Message Board (RMB) posts that all nations end each message with a signature consisting of their position within the Federation or their position within their nation, and/or their name.

-recognize the Fasces as the Federationís regional symbol.

-recognize any nation who claims higher authority than their successor as an enemy of the state and shall be investigated and/or ejected from the region, with or without a Federative Hearing.

-recognize that any nation who shall be inactive for more than thirty (30) days shell be ejected from the region

-recognize any democratic, liberal, libertarian, or any other left-leaning nation an enemy of the state and shall be immediately ejected.

-establish a set of Regional Message Board provisions, that all nations will be required to follow:

-Spamming the RMB
-Obscene language
-Irrelevent, unimportant, voided, or simply stupid posts
-RMB posts under two sentences

-establish that all unimportant, irrelevant, and short comments be kept on the Federationís discord server.

-establish that upon approval from the Chairman, the Federation can implement martial law, in which the Director of the Armed Forces shall become the acting Chairman and shall gain access to all non-executive administrative positions. The Chairman shall reserve the right to revoke the passage of martial law at any time, without warning.

-establish that if any nation breaks the above legislation, they shall be investigated and/or ejected from the region, with or without a Federative Hearing.




Below is a list of factbooks detailing a more specific list of tasks for each Committee Chair and their undersecretaries.

Chairman of the Federation: Andrew Campbell of The North American Powers
Vice Chairman of the Federation: Konrad Emacio of Dopoka

Federative Committee

Head Judiciary: Vacant
Director of the Armed Forces: Chuck Aegis of The milky boi
Secretary of the State: Vacant
Manager of Internal Affairs: Vacant
Manager of Economic Affairs: Vacant

Federate Judiciary: (Committee Chair Vacant)
Associate Justice 1: Vacant
Associate Justice 2: Vacant

Federate Military: Telegram The milky boi if interested
General of the Federate Army: Vacant
Commander of the Federate Navy: Vacant
Commander of the Federate Air Force: Vacant
General of the Federate Raiding Force: Vacant
Director of Weapons Development: Vacant
Director of the Federative Police Unit: Vacant

Social Agency: Committee Chair Vacant
Head of the Department of Affairs: Vacant
Head of the Department of Education: Vacant
Head of the Department of Hospitality: Vacant

Federative Economic Agency: (Committee Chair Vacant)
Chief Taxation Officer: Vacant
Chief Logistical Officer: Vacant
Chief of Public Transportation: Vacant

It is highly encouraged that members apply for vacant Federative Committee positions

Updated 20 February 2019

Federative Committee of the UFF

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Andrew Campbell,
Chairman of the Federation