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Europe to War!


Fordana and Serbia and Montenegro go to war! Serbia and Montenegro fired artillery at the Fordan border. The Fordans attempt to put up defenses but suffer heavily loses and fail mildly. After all of this Greece put soldiers on Serbia and Montenegro's border. Finally, Greece mobilizes their troops and invades Serbia and Montenegro, the Prussians sent supplies to the Greeks to help them. The Greeks are defeated. Conflict between Serbia and Fordana have ceased fighting but war continues, Chricoma has attempted to mend relations between the GGDP and North America. Chricoma allowed the SMPA to move troops into Chricoma but they began to fight Covvia and some Covviad artillery killed ten Chricomians. Chricoma then began to send troops to the border. Discussions took place in the city of Oder on the Chricomian-Covviad border but Chricomian delegates left early, assuming bad signs the Covvians prepared for war. However, to the world's delight Chricoma pulled back and did not begin war. After this, conflict began between Fordana and Serbia and Montenegro again. Paratroopers from Fordana landed in Serbia and Montenegro and began operations. After awhile a cease fire was called.

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