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For Emperor Forever

The Confederation of Corrupt Dictators commissioned Jocospite composer Ritter von Walsek to write a grand anthem for the region. The result was [i][b]For Emperor Forever[/b][/i] (2017), a short work for orchestra and chorale. Walsek took inspiration from Jocospite folk melodies and researched the music of the Jocospo-Feroxian War, the Occupation and Liberation of the Confederation, and the Confederation's conflicts with both the Aristocracy and the Union. 

[u][b][url=]FOR EMPEROR FOREVER[/url][/b][/u]

N.B. Don't be put out by the supposed inappropriate content warning. One of our enemies, in a very low act, lodged a report against the anthem. If you follow the "I understand and wish to proceed" link then you will arrive at the completely harmless [i]For Emperor Forever[/i].

Hail the Confederation!

[b]Office of the Viceroy
[region=Confederation of Corrupt Dictators][/b]

OOC: The anthem is unique to the region and, in keeping with [nation]Jocospor[/nation]'s quasi-Star Wars theme, is structurally and thematically similar to John William's [i]Imperial March[/i], from [i]Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back[/i] (1980). 
Intrigued? Why not have a [url=]listen[/url] to Williams' and then the Confederation's? What a wonderful way to pass time!