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W-21 "Spirit" Multi-Role Cruise Missile

Spirit Multi-Role Missile


The W-21 "Spirit" cruise missile was designed after the 1996 incident to replace the the W-20 missile. They were designed to also be launched from VLS systems. The main focus behind its design was to improve the navigation and target designation to prevent another incident. It has a much greater range, but a reduced payload compared to the W-20. Also being less expensive it can be produced in greater numbers, and are set to replace the W-20 entirely in the future.

National Origin:Domanania
Designed: 1996
Produced: 2015-Present
Unit Cost $900,000-$1,200,000

Type: Cruise Missile, LACM, Anti-Submarine Missile, ALCM
Weight 1,300-1,950 kg
Length: 6.2-8.9m
Diameter: 0.53m
Warhead: 76-200-450kg HE / 50kt. nuclear warhead
Detonation Mechanism: Impact, Proximity

Engine: Multi-Stage solid fuel, Turbo Jet
Wingspan 2.6m
Operational Range: 40-2,500 Kilometers
Flight Ceiling: 1,000m
Flight Altitude: 20m-250m
Speed: mach 0.8-2.1
Guidance: Internal Guidance, Terminal Active Radar Homing, DSMAC
Launch Platforms: Naval Vessels, Fixed Wing Aircraft, Ground Launchers

Block 1:
Length- 8.9m
Weight- 1950kg
Warhead- 450 kg
Range- 2,500km
Launch Platform- VLS, Ground Launchers
Cost- $1.2 Million

Block 2:
Length- 8.2m
Weight- 1750kg
Warhead- 200kg
Range- 1,500km
Launch Platform- VLS, Ground Launchers
Cost- $1 Million

Block 3:
Length- 6.2m
Weight- 1400kg
Warhead- 450kg
Range- 300km
Launch Platform- Fixed Wing Aircraft
Cost- $950,000

Block 4:
Length- 6.2m
Weight- 1300kg
Warhead- 76kg
Range- 40km
Launch Platform- Horizontal Torpedo Tubes
Cost- $900,000