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Bakufu Nyūsu (Shogunate's News)
DATE: 20th November, 2019

International News

Reindeer Confederacy considers banning video games fully or partly after concerns from older generations, some businessmen, and paramilitary groups for their "influence on the youth". " It is sad, that video games get all the blame for citizen own incompetence. Reindeer Confederacy's theocratic fascists and the old priest in charge already have a poor freedom record, and banning games definitely isn't helping that." A Golden Eagle video game developer says.
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Polar Bear hunters call the summer and spring of 2019 as the ''worst hunting season in a few years''. ''Honestly, the ice was often too fragile to catch seals comfortably, so it meant, that we had to go for more dangerous targets like walruses, but what do our guns give, when our prey has them as well? The amount of ferals we could hunt has been pitful this year, and killing too many evolved ones would cause a civil war, 100%.'' One of the polar bears complains. ''Situation, when neither our children, or adults can be fed, is very tragic. And it's the climate change, which is putting the dent'' One of the female polar bears complains as well. The poor season has caused discussions between polar bears for keeping the hunting parties - traditionalists argue, that "The polar bears need to keep sharpening their fangs to keep their status", while progressives advocate for increased artificial meat production, "so less blood would be spilled". However, the other side like Walruses have their proposals too. "I don't see, how we could do a worse job at being the ruling specie than carnivores. We could feed them a special pasta with all the necessary nutrients and proteins, just enough to be well fed, so there wouldn't be a need to hunt at all." the Walrus prime minister of Polar Bear Lands says.
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A major Great White Shark underwater pirate base not too far away from Cape of Good Hope (Impala Republic) destroyed by a special anti-pirate task force, involving things like special submarines, which could access the depth of the ocean. However, an another valuable asset were the underground anthros, particularly the other Great White Shark soldiers, which could operate more freely under water, and didn't need submarines. However, the battle didn't end without losses for the anti-pirate forces - some of the submarines received direct strikes by white shark pirate torpedoes, and the land anthro crew in them drowned. Some of the sea anthros got killed in close quarter combats with white shark pirates as well. However, the pirate losses in the end were still higher, resulting in not only of hundreds of white shark pirates being killed, but by destruction of a large part of the white shark pirate fleet stationed there, as other anti-pirate task forces were waiting around, to prevent any escape attempts. ''I don't know, perhaps make a soup out of them?'' A squid operative answers to a question by a cat recruit, of what to do with the dead sharks. (Unlike in Zootopia, it is not uncommon for anthros to eat different species, sentient or not, without much remorse).
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Shogunate's News

As elections in December approach, the conservatives complain about Okada's and Eastern Fox Society's attempts to ''defang them'' by intimidation, and arrest of their members. ''it is clear, that Okada wants to seize conservatism for himself, and that a conservative alternative is not in his interests.'' One of the Social Conservatives explains - an old Ezo bear, who got detained for a few months during the civil war, where monarchists, and Naohiro tried to retake power. The bear also criticizes Okada's decision to support social democrats, and establish close ties with Maoist panda government in northern China - a remnant from the past government, and says, that ''The only legitimate government in my eyes is the tiger government in south''. ''I am simply repaying the Pandas for the help during civil war, and social democrats - for support as well. I don't see a reason to not defang those, who supported the monarchist Naohiro during the civil war'' Okada defend his actions. However, foreign experts of Shogunate's world have also been concerned, but rather for the future deterioration of the democracy, and path towards autocracies of the Stans.
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''Shogun and the President of Uralic Owl Republic signs a treaty of future integration of the Uralic Owl Republic (Hokkaido, Sakhalin, and Kuril Islands) into the new ''Shogunate''. ''The unjust split in the past after the war is going to be reversed for good, and the citizens of our islands will gladly welcome Uralic Owls, and other anthros back under the heavenly rule. Besides that, the unification will be beneficial for our both economies - separated we are weaker than united together.'' Ikari writes in an announcement for press. However, the decision has plenty of opponents in the north as well - various activists protest against the plans of two country leaders, and demand, that ''The Fox Shogunate and Uralic Owl Republic remain separate''. While Ikari has promised to ''not suppress the culture of the locals after unification'', many Uralic Owl nationalists doubt the credibility of his words. ''Foxes aren't known to be the most trustable ruling class (No nation is entirely compromised of a single specie in Shogunate's world, but rather one of the species in charge), which means, that their words shouldn't be treated as a promise''. One of the Owl nationalists says.''
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''Shogunate's statisticians release a report on Shogunate's population, with a few surprising results - for the first time in decades, Shogunate's population has increased a bit. The increase is pretty small, of course, but still an exciting discover for some of Shogunate's inhabitants, as Shogunate's population had started to decline for the last few decades. It is still not known, if it is truly a tide of change, or just a small spike, after which a continued decline will follow..
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Written by Endo Esumi, Reporter for the Bakufu Nyūsu
Created by Ashweald

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