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Nordhpadhanians at War

Tidings of war on September 2018: President Henry Dandolo resigns his dimission and Ludovico Sforza is elected General in Chief by the Federal Council

At the tidings of Nuclear War III, the President of the Federal Council Henry Dandolo resigned his dimission.
Federal Council elected the robotica transhuman Ludovico Sforza as General in Chief.

General Sforza lowers the flag of the Most Serene Federal Republic and raises the Battle Flag with the Shielded Raven over the Lightning Red Crossed of the Federal Army.

The battle flag lashes the northern wind blowing while the lightnings rip off the stormy sky. "Dark times for the Federal Republic. The War is coming. Our Freedoms are under peril. Federal Army will never surrender. Federal Council will never sign any surrender" - shouts imperiosly Gen. Sforza. "On this occasion each citizen is called to defend his own family, his friends and the Father's Land millimeter by millimeter if necessary. Freedom or Death. No other choise."

Thousands of fighter supersonic bombers take off. The earth trembles like an earthquake. Thousands of times the sonic boom echoes. Stratospheric Station shines above the sky like live metal. "The sky is ours" shouts Gen Sforza.

Thousands of cruiser ships set sail. Cannons shoot blanks. The sea is inundated with splashes. "The sea is ours" shouts Gen Sforza.

Millions of rockets are in launch position.

"The Gods are with us" shouts Gen Sforza raising his laser sword toward the sky.
A roar rises from the square. Battle horns resound in the valleys. The Federal Army is on the march. An unstoppable river of tanks spills out from every corner of the Federal Republic.