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The Union Truth Issue VIII - Election Week

The Union Truth
Regional Newspaper - Issue #8


The Union Truth
The Union's greatest news

New Publisher!!!!!!!!

Hi, this is NOT High knight kingdom. I'm New albaznia (not to be confused with my relative Albaznia). High Knight Kingdom (Lets just call him HKG) is running for election and has won, so he employed me as the newspaper's publisher. In this issue we'll be talking about the elections going on in the region and some other random stuff.

The Democratic Unionists wins landslide victories in House Election

Just a disclaimer, this is not a party biased newspaper. I am a independent and any news given here will be completely true, no biases.

The Democratic Unionists (TDU), one of the major political parties in the Union has won landslide victories in the recent House elections. The House of Delegates is the lower house of parliament, and it seems the TDU has got a majority. Most interesting are the candidates, The Region's Founder Blazeville won 5 - 3 against me :( although it seems because of school voter turnout has been record low. Only 44% of eligible voters voted in the first House election although in the second election turnout was high at 72%. In the second House election Cifica (TDU) won 8 - 5 against The eronian freeland (Conservative Wing). It seems that the TDU is gathering most support maybe because of their previous first successful candidate Ocenaia.

A look back on Ocenaia's administration

On May 10, 2018 Ocenaia was sworn in as the 3rd Supreme Minister of the democratic union of free states. It was the first great victory for the TDU as they finally beat the ruling Conservative Party. Ocenaia was elected on the promise to fix the problems left after the reign of the Progressive Party and their fist leader (and first Supreme Minister) Iron republics. Iron Republics had exploited several weaknesses of the First Constitution which set the government as a weak confederation, and was able get more power which led to protests and soon his/her resignation. The then second-in-command was United caldonia who immediately found him/herself to be the region's new leader. United Caldonia did set up a new constitution which created a new upper house called the House of Chiefs but this house was un-elected and very weak in power, and this is where Ocenaia steps in. Shortly before he took office, due to instability the House of Chiefs dissolved itself, which gave a new popularity boost for the then candidate Ocenaia who promised to create a new strong government, although there was opposition by the Conservative Party it was not effective due to their failure. As the former House of chiefs set up a new temporary constitution Ocenaia began to gain more popularity, he/she was against the former Hosue setting up the new government and repeatedly demanded that a new elected government create a new constitution. An then he was elected as the 3rd Supreme Minister. His/Her first few days was trying to somehow get input in the new constitution creating process but was repeatedly denied until he forced the newly elected parliament to vote on the issue after previously avoiding it, and they unanimously agreed to create a new constitution. So now we have to separate bodies creating and reforming our government. Shortly after the former house of chiefs passed their constitution the Supreme Minister passed his/her new law The Government Transparency Act, which created a new region just for government debate, almost immediately after the elected parliament voted in favor to dissolve the existing government and Declared to create a new constitution. The former House (mostly made of Conservative Party Members) tried to stop but they had already handed power over to the new government and were no longer in authority. A provisional government was set up and after a 2 week long debate a new constitution was put into place however, instead of the public it was the provisional government who voted in the constitution. This critics say was a undemocratic mover for a democratically elected leader.
He would later go on to do many things but since I can't explain everything here, let me give you a bullet pointed summary:
  • Shortly after taking office passed the heavily praised Government Transparency Act

  • Dissolved the existing government to create a new constitution

  • Created a new office for Commission and other Executive Departments

  • Vetoed the Legislative Systems Act a bill to better organize and run procedures in the government. (Veto was overridden)

  • Instead of a regional poll used external ways of getting re-elected, although kind of unpopular decision, voter turnout was really high and many still voted him/her back in.

  • Went on to be the first leader to serve a second term.

  • Amended the Constitution which created a separate Electoral college for the Upper House and reorganized the Executive Branch to keep its powers in check.

  • Tried to amend the ARJA Treaty, but was met with lack of cooperation.

  • Started Termination of the ARJA treaty, the Union became the first region to leave ARJA.

  • Dissolved ARJA after withdrawal of other regions.

  • Established Electoral Procedures to stop election fraud and to re-organize the messy election procedures.

Contested Deputy Premier Elections

As High knight kingdom, is ready to take office, he/she is waiting for the election of the second-in -command, the Deputy Premier race has started and it currently is a tie between SDCU candidate New centronia and TDU Candidate The free united commonwealth. It seems that the election will result in a tie, which would mean the after the Assembly elections they will vote for the DP to break the tie. Speaking of Assembly elections ........

Upcoming Assembly Elections

The Assembly of Ministers will be elected and this time it seems it will have completely new members, The Special Ministers will be elected by the electoral college later in this weekend and the Minister Representative Seat is open now to be voted by the public. HKG and Albaznia have put their nominees for the Special Ministers, and all the political parties have been registered for the Minister Representative Seat. It is hard to say who will win as support for the TDU is dying down and the new Liberal Progressive Party is gaining support.

In Conclusion.......

In conclusion we will always have new leaders in real life new leaders are always elected but our pride of our country that we live in must not be taken away, no matter what election happens this is just a game, but in real life this matters so people, remember to vote!

Executive Editor: High knight kingdom
Publisher: New albaznia

New albaznia