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An Overview of Oceania


The Orwellian Dictatorship of The English Socialist Union of Oceania, or just the The English Socialist Union of Oceania (Newspeak: Ingsoc Union Oceania) is a major superstate that comprises of the Americas, the British Isles, Iceland, Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. The form of government is a totalitarian one-party dictatorship and the country is governed by George Joseph Hastings, the Supreme Leader of the United States of the English Socialist Union Republics of Oceania and the ruling English Socialist Party, also known in Newspeak; Ingsoc.

The English Socialist Union of Oceania had its roots dating back approximately thirty years in the aftermath of World War III where the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics invaded Continental Europe in 1953. The dissent caused by the war saw the rise of the English Socialist Party, a political party that believes to lean towards socialism and socialist politics, in Great Britain. The War against English Socialism, or The Revolution in Oceanian historical texts and propaganda in 1954, where the Party and its paramilitary force, The English Socialist Revolutionary Front, battled with the governments from the United Kingdom to the Americas, to Southern Africa and to the island nations situated in the Pacific Ocean.

Revolution, Founding and the War with Eurasia

After the war, the English Socialist Party became the only official political party in the superstate of Oceania; founded second after the nation of Eurasia. The new superstate then waged war against Eurasia in order to gain territory in Europe and eventually overthrow the Neo-Bolshevik government in the Oceanian-Eurasian War of 1955 - 1956.

At the beginning of the war, military commanders and generals in the Ministry of Peace formulated a large-scale amphibious and airborne military invasion named Operation: Liberating Freedom on the first day of February in 1955. The military operation was yet not carried out until in the ninth of June, 1955.

The war ended in a stalemate with neither side unable to overcome the otherís military forces and defences and overtake each otherís territory.