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Population Act

Article 1: Population Definition
SEEING that throughout its' history, the AIN has had many different populations.

THINKING that there should be a system for making sense of the raw population data.

KNOWING that this type of system could be useful for recruitment purposes, and for future legislation.

THEREFORE the following system is established:
<20 total nations, <10 active nations: Emergency Population
-Active nations are defined as any nation who routinely signs into and/or helps nationstate through their nation.
-The region is seriously suffering from low population. All active nations have the right and/or duty to recruit, as determined by the President. A third of the active population are Recruitment Officers (see below).

21 - 40 total nations, 11 - 20 active nations: Low Population
-The region has a low, though not harmfully low, population. Nations may recruit upon confirmation from the President. There are 3 Recruitment Officers (see below).

41 - 60 total nations, 21 - 30 active nations: midrange population
-The region has a stable population and community. Most nations do not need to recruit. There is one recruitment officer (see below).

>61 total nations, >30 active nations: Large population
-The region has a great number of nations. There may not necessarily be any recruitment, nor a recruitment officer.

Article 2: Recruitment Officer
SEEING that there should be regular recruitment for the region.

UNDERSTANDING that a dedicated position would fill this niche well.

DECIDING to create this position.

THEREFORE the following is legalized:
-The role of Recruitment Officer is now established.
-Depending on population ranking (see above) there may be a different number of Recruitment Officers.
-A recruitment officer is responsible for:
1. Setting up and continuously running a recruitment telegram API (contact Centuronia, or past recruitment offers for details).
2. Updating and correcting the Welcome Telegram.
3. Helping to set up and maintain embassies with other regions.
-Based on the aforementioned duties, a recruitment officer must have the Communications and Embassies NS Admin positions.