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The Union Times - Summer-September 2018 Edition

Bringing you the latest news from The New Mappers Union !

Summer- September 2018 Edition

In this issue:

    Why I left

    Peace with the Confederation

    New regional alliance !

    Message from the Founder !

Why I left

I actually left NationStates for a while. Not by CTEing, just I didn't have time. I did a TUT in July but no RH at all since June ! This is why thinked a lot ; is it worth it ? Can I do this ? And I can do this. But I had to change some issues. First, every issue will come monthly. Around 1 to 10th of every month. It may have a lot of news or nearly none. Same for Roleplay Highlighter.

Peace with the Confederation

TNMU was at war for like nearly all of its history with the CCD. In just one single war. And Democratic Empire of Romania made it possible, but with a cost. Jocospor would fill in Presidency for a term, up until November 2018. Then, he may candidate once again for the position. This makes him the longest President of our region.

But peace doesn't mean we forgot what they did to us. We still don't agree with most of their actions, but making insurgencies like Serenissima republica de veneto did is bad. Despite some angerness between Democratic Empire of Romania and Litttt in mid-August, everything's fine.

However, Jocospor used The venusian empire to rig the elections for Regional Defense Administrator. The puppet was banned and Jocospor now can go for just one extra term after November 2018.

New regional alliance !


Ad victoriam !

Discord Server: LinkJoin

The Supreme Alliance is a alliance of regions created to defend themselves against raiders and external enemies.

The Supreme Alliance opens its arms to any region, however they must acomplish certain requirements:

1. Any region joining the Supreme Alliance shall not be at war with a member region.
2. The region joining shall not be a practicer of right-wing ideologies.
3. The region shall have a Founder and a WA Delegate

The member regions discuss and agree on common stances upon:

1. Current WA proposals at vote
2. Submiting WA proposals
3. Partnering with other alliances and regions

Any region joining agrees to:

1. Defend member region(s) attacked
2. Not attack other member regions
3. Not to practice right-wing ideologies
4. Help regions with nations charged with crimes against them.

Command Structure:

High Commander : Democratic Empire of Romania ( Interimary )
Vice-Commander : None
Secretary of External Relationships : None
Secretary of Archives and Documents : Administrational Office of TNMU ( Interimary )
Secretary of Justice : None
Secretary of Military Forces and Action : None

Read factbook

On 5 September 2018, the Supreme Alliance was born ! It is designed like a defense and cooperation alliance between regions ! We invited Canterbury. The Great Universe intended to join. The World Alternative Union joined the Alliance !

Special message from the Founder !

Democratic Empire of Romania: Welcome. I don't know when you read this, but I want to make myself explained on the current state of The Union. We are going down. We need nations. We need to start recruiting and this what I''ll do. Our region had 85 nations 4 months ago. Now, we're dwelling lower than half of that. I want to make this region as great as it needs to be. I will take part in the RP. I'm planning something really big.

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