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GA resolution Preventing The Execution Of Innocents

General Assembly Vote Recommendation

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Resolution at Vote: Preventing The Execution Of Innocents
Vote Recommendation: No Recommendation

Resolution Analysis
"Preventing The Execution Of Innocents" has significant pros and cons that one must consider when casting a vote, and because of this it's difficult for the ministry to outright support or oppose it. On one hand, the resolution may not outright ban capital punishment but it does add significant extra work to carry out such a punishment. The extra oversight provided by the Compliance Commission will hopefully ensure that only those fairly proven guilty on a higher standard than national levels are punished. On the other hand, it does effectively make the World Assembly the final arbiter of justice in capital cases. There is significant concern over whether the World Assembly should be in the business of signing death warrants.

The Ministry of WA Affairs asks voters to take these points into consideration when casting their vote.

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