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Small Globe Charta


Please take your time to read the charta to avoid unnecessary questions.

• We have no application forms.
• There is no offsite forum. All IC roleplays take place in the NS forum.
• The RMB is for OOC conversations only.
• It is recommended to make factbooks and dispatches for nationbuilding or roleplays. Wiki style factbooks/dispatches are highly welcome.


Claiming is easy and fast.

• Every claim has to be made by telegram to Small globe. RMB posts are not valid.
• Absolutely no puppets allowed. You may have a single nation on the map.
• It is recommended that your nations name is free of numbers, unrealistic expressions or not to close to a real life nation.
• You may claim exactly one predefined area on our regional map.
• You may change your claim once within the first 10 days on the map.
• You may find it useful to take a look at the Linkcontinent map of the region. If your nation is based on the asian culture, it is recommended to look for a spot in Aceria, for american-based nations, choose a spot in North Auroria and so on.
• You can't claim Antarcturus.
• Nations with names displayed in brackets () are non-player nations for roleplaying purposes.
• Your flag and capital may be displayed on the map. Please think twice, flags and capitals will not be regularly updated, if you change them.
• No expansions intended. There may be tensions and wars, but nobody will gain significant land from it.
• Being abscent/inactive without prior notice for more than 14 days may lead to deletion from the map.


When creating your nations factbook and histories, please take into account, Small Globe is much smaller than earth!

• First of all, we do not use NS Stats! They are unfair against new nations and unrealtistic in numbers.
• This is a modern tech world. We do not use future tech or science fiction.
• Population cap: The population of your nation may not exceed 40 million (soft cap). For a population up to 50 million (hard cap) please contact Taiouan.
• GDP cap: The GDP (nominal) per capita of your nation may not exceed 30.000 $ (soft cap). For a GDP up to 40.000 $ (hard cap) please contact Taiouan.
• For area calculation use the Linkarea calculation map. 1 pixel on that map is 10 km². If you have problems with the calculation, feel free to ask Taiouan.

• No nukes or other WMD. If you plan to have those weapons, please contact Taiouan.
• Per 10 million population your army may have 100.000 active troops, 100 tanks and 50 howitzers/artillery.
• Per 10 million population your navy may have 2 destroyers, 10 frigates, 10 submarines. If you plan to have any kind of supercarrier, please contact Taiouan.
• Per 10 million population your airforce may have 100 combat aircraft and 50 attack helicopters.


The regional government is under construction yet, until the region has more members. There are only a few points so far:

• Every WA nation on the map will become Regional Officer. If a nation is not in the WA anymore, you will be dismissed as officer as well.
• Our WA Delegate is [nation][/nation]. Please endorse that nation.
• Regional Cartography Officer is Small globe.
• Regional Roleplay Officer is Taiouan.
• Regional Recruiting Officer is [nation][/nation].
• Regional Security Officer is [nation][/nation].


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