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Edward Athens


"Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.”

"Good and evil are such subjective terms, for do circumstances not justify the response? So I would prefer to be called determined, after all you would too if you knew what needed to be done."

Edward Athens

Edward Athens and his brother

High Overseer Edward Athens

In office:
2021-Present Day

Preceded by: Eric Langman

Field Marshall of the military forces

In office:

Preceded by: William Canter
Succeeded by: Simon Hauter

Personal Details


20th May 1970 (age ???)
Shanaxanti, Dreshand



Political Party:

Centrist party






Innsmouth university of science
- Degree in political science


The Obsidian Castle



Edward Athens is considered as one of the most successful High Overseers to be elected. At the age of 25 he had joined the military permanently after the initial period of conscription, after several successful operations he had worked his way up to become a field Marshall on October 11 2010. Athens is an intelligent man who desires to preserve the culture of his nation but never to the detriment of progress. As a young child he and his brother lost their eyes due to a tetanus infection. The subsequently caused the common Dreshandian phenomenon of mutations (or as known to locals, Eldritch Blessings or Gifts of Chaos) to develop, causing them to gain strange effects within their empty eye sockets and the development of additional muscular hydrostats resembling the manipulators of cephalods. Later on in their life they would gain fine control of said 'gifts'.

Early Life

Jack and Edward Athens were both born on the 20th of May 1970 to Joeseph and Marsha Athens at the hospital of St. Herbert. Originally born in the capital city of Shanaxanti, as his father had to live there due to close proximity to his job within the Department of Defence, Athen's father moved them away shortly after their birth after his wife, Marsha who was known to be a disturbingly devoted Maxwellist attempted a form of summoning ritual upon the twins resulting in her being jailed for child abuse. Various cults believe said ritual worked.

The family moved to the smaller town of Ravenwood near the mountain ranges of the south, here the twins grew up quite active in physical and mental activities. Edward Athens was known for an almost Eidetic memory, frequently recalling even the smallest details as well as his significant usage of extracurricular resources instead of those provided at school. This was due to his opinion that the school system had failed many and was too restrictive for his tastes. Jack Athens was known to take on the mannerisms as well as personality traits of his brother to an uncanny extent. Almost seeming to be the same person at times. As a form of rebellion during their teenage years Athens developed a large interest in Maxwellism despite his father distancing himself from the faith after what happened to his wife. During his school years, he appeared to favor the sciences, maths, history as well as Psychology. By the end of High school he was already one of the Top 5 best students in his class. His teachers have also noted that when stepping into leadership roles Athens was extremely inspiring as a speaker. A skill that would serve him well in the years to come.


Athens left his hometown to study at the Innsmouth University of Science in order to receive a degree on political sciences, many of his teachers have stated that while he was a very intelligent person he had no sense of direction in his life or something to derive drive from. Soon after his graduation he joined the army as part of his period of conscription. After the two years of service his brother left and feel out of the public eye. However Edward stayed within the military due to a combination of "getting a taste for it" as well as a desire to keep his country safe (due to the spike in redeemer activity during the time).

Athens was initially placed within an 'adoption squad'. Squads used to 'adopt' newly created weapons to test their functionality for the greater part of the army. At the strike of Carmella bay due to a untimely weapons malfunction causing the death of his squad leader Athens took charge and was able to extract his squad and still accomplish the mission as a result of quick thinking on his part. His skills in military tactics and psychological warfare were also noted by his superiors. This allowed him to rise up the ranks quickly with the favor of his superiors.

Many were still conflicted however, as while they could not doubt his effectiveness in many of his later campaigns he was seen as ruthless and very willing to sacrifice civilian lives in order to complete a mission. Still, he was fast tracked towards promotion as he was seen as a hero in what would otherwise have been a disastrous massacre, Athens was quick to leverage this position to get a head start in the political backroom dealings that his father taught him were ubiquitous to any career.

After several years of military politics and many more battles against the Redeemers Athens was eventually made a Field Marshall. Soon after, he received news that his father had passed away, this left him emotionally unstable for a period of time culminating in his personal participation in the massacre of several unarmed secessionists. This resulted in him believing that the Military was not for him anymore and started looking for another career after the public outcry that followed.


After a search of his fathers assets Athens decided on politics. This was because his father kept a black book of sorts of favours he was owed and things he knew about others. This gave Athens a major head start in the political world due to his fathers former position within the government. Athens continued with his policy of backroom chats and deals supplemented by uses of blackmail and calling in favors his father was still owed. As a result very little money (in comparison) was spent on campaigning as he simply sought out the real power he required. The former president, Eric Langman was running for re-election despite his unpopularity due to him being perceived as a corporate wh_re due to causing many megacorporations and monopolies to control Dreshand. Eric Langman saw Athens as his greatest opponent as Athen's promises of business reform and environmental revival became immensely popular among the common folk, Langman led several smear campaigns calling Athens a bloodthirsty dictator who would lead the country into another dark age. None of them worked and shortly after Athens was elected into power.

Athens brought in a new age of wealth and power, income gaps had been brought low and most public systems had been revamped and improved. The space program had matched that of more developed countries and the discovery/inventing of magic was sourced in Dreshand. This has led Athens to being able to stay in power for many more terms than others and to be regarded as one of the most successful High Overseers within Dreshand. His accent to power was also seen as favored by the old ones as anomalies and eldritch happenings grew increasingly common after his election. Now many Maxwellists believe he is in fact the living avatar of the Hanged King. Athens while not actively perpetuating this myth frequently uses it as a means of inspiring loyalty. The effect he has on places he visits shed crecedence to this theory, many hear screams in the night and shadows watching their every move when they step onto the grounds of one of his frequent visitations.

Many coups and conspiracies were attempted in order to bring him out of power. Most notably from the rich and former executives of the oppressive mega corporations that had previously flourished. Entities such as the illusion Marshall Carter and Dark funded terrorists with paranormal items, during this period the anartist group AWCY flourished. However eventually most of the conspiracies dissolved, Marshall fled the country to join a growing crime syndicate, Carter died and Dark never truly had much physical agency here.
There have been many more attempts by others, but our leader has always stood strong. There shall be no sacrifice too great, for we will rise.

  • CP-001 Antitrust acts
    After being elected, Athens was able to dismantle the corporate chokehold on the market and dissolved, cut back or completely nationalize various monopolies. The most notable example is the nationalization of the prison industry.

  • CP-002 Vigilante Justice and Kill orders
    Normally vigilante killings are usually treated the same as any other crime, however if a class 6 warrant or higher is issued by the courts for a criminal then the capture or retrieval of the dead body of said criminal the vigilante will be materially rewarded. In addition, on the rare occasion a kill order is issued for a person all officials from police officers to mailmen will have a kill on sight or something similar policy, and if a wanted criminal kills the subject of a kill order they may freely collect it and will not be arrested as they walk into a police station with the body.

  • CP-003 Education systems
    The education system of Dreshand has been greatly reformed under the current High Overseer's rule. There are less mandatory subjects and a greater array of choice for other subjects as well as a general higher quiality of educational material.

  • CP-004 Reclamation of artifacts
    Numerous historical and spiritual artifacts have been reconstructed or recovered due to an increase in funding within the archeological sector. This has led to many 'unearthly' items being found and shortly claimed by Maxwellists and other worshippers of the Old Ones.

  • CP-005 Magical Practices
    In the military any active personnel found to be harboring magical affinity of any kind must take mandatory leave in order to attend an arcana academy in order to better control and harness their powers to greater effects. Furthermore colloquially termed 'dark magic' users are to be protected and legalized. During a time of persecution this lead to numerous Diabolists and Necromancers joining the nations military which still leaves the government holding the majority of dark magic users.

  • CP-006 Labour Laws
    After the advent of forking technology, those rich enough to afford mass ego bridges started to populate their companies with forks of themselves. To counteract the mass unemployment this was causing, strict labor union laws were enforced preventing mass automation or forking to replace jobs as well as preventing all of said citizen personnel being placed into low paying jobs.

  • CP-007 Drug Use
    The sale and usage of most drugs with minimal or moderate side effects is allowed for participants 18 or above, clinics where people can use heavier drugs such as cocaine or methanfetamine with help of medical staff are also a common sight.

For & Against

  • For: Militarism, Dilligence, Safe expansion, Technological advancement, Dedication, Faith, Intelligence, Pragmatism

  • Against: Squeamishness, Slothfulness, ethics over progress, extensive pacifism, Over aggression, destruction of history or technology

Personal Information

High Overseer Edward Athens prefers to keep their personal life confidential and most of what is known of their personal life is taken from the account of third parties. Athens allegedly enjoys music genres such as Jazz, EDM and the blues. He has been stated to occasionally enjoy fishing as well as a large variety of E-Sports. The Overseer has also been observed to enjoy prisoners honey. And while this may be considered work, the Overseer commonly reviews and researches information about governance in an effort the better his own administration. He commonly visits government facilities to ensure they are working well. Other than that not much else has been released.

Personal Trivia

  • Ever since the start of his reign many Maxwellist cults have sprung up around him.

  • Athens was once wounded during a terrorist attack, the very next day all members of the radical "Followers of the mists" were found dead in various ways. It is unknown if he was personally involved or inspired the killings.

  • Athens is straight, completely heterosexual.

  • Has yet to truly age

  • According to many witnesses, Athens has the uncanny luck of finding things in large bodies of water. Almost as if something was giving them away.

  • Can still see without his eyes, surprisingly well.

  • Has a very fluffy dog.

  • His brother occasionally acts as a surprisingly convincing body double for him. Nobody knows what he gets up to when not acting as one.

  • Normally eats either fast food or fine dining on a rotating schedule

  • Had collected various charms and penchants that have been presumed to actually work, has a special preference for ones involved with Time.

  • Developed a fondness for Blood Magic.


“The best kind of Hydra is the one everyone thinks is a snake”

"Redemption is a mirage, so close yet so far, still that is all it takes to keep a thirsty man going. That is why I do not believe in Redemption, so I will stick to efficiency."

"The stars are simply another ocean, we may sail the tides but sharks still swim in the depths. Do not think us masters of nature just yet".

"When a rabbit cries, the fox comes running."

"Every man, woman, child. Farmer, Engineer, policeman are all fanatics to the cause. Each would rather die than see your soldiers take one more step into our country. If you came here expecting a quick war you are sorely mistaken. For you do not face an army, you face a nation

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