by Max Barry

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Thaukrite Temple

Sleek icy tunnels, the color of sunlight through a glacier, stretch along the shallow sea-bed and spill into spherical chambers. The gentle fragrance of incense drifts through these halls beneath the sea. A soft, rhythmic chant whispers through the walls. Here, everything is tranquil. This is the Thaukrite, a temple complex offering all a serene environment for contemplation and worship of the Gods deep in the sea. Originally a storage facility for storing maritime cargo but once construction was finished and the lamps were lit few could believe it was human hands that had created it rather than those of divinity. Now it is a destination for pilgrims of all stripe to meditate and seek the secrets of the world in quiet contemplation. The centre of the temple contains the most breathtaking view of all. The glassy sphere is entirely underwater where ocean life and submarines drift through lazily. For some reason visitors like to swim around this area as the insiders watch them glide about.