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Political Resolution for the Office of the Minister-Chief

Office of the Minister-Chief
Political Resolution for the Office of the Minister-Chief

Resolution to Officially Amend the Duties of the Minister-Chief
Issued by the Office of the Minister-Chief on this day 9 September, 2018

[Article I]
As of this day it is now the duty of the Minister-Chief and any immediate temporary incumbent of the office to follow the duties defined in this Resolution. All duties formerly assigned will be substituted with the new duties.
[Article II]
The prior duties of the Minister-Chief will be immediately forfeited to the immediate superior of the Minister-Chief, presently the Parliamentary Chairman, William Kane. The additional duties which are defined by the Declaration of Human Rights and Principles to be solemnly exclusive to the Minister-Chief will be retained to the Minister Chief until proper legislation can redefine the duties to a proper authority.
[Article III]
The new duties of the Minister-Chief are herein defined as being only pertaining to the First Minister and the Principal-in-Chief. All advocating duties between the two parties and the President of the Provincial Union will also be managed and overseen by the Minister-Chief. The First Minister and Principal-in-Chief will remain in their fullest authority and capability of communications and overall governing. The Minister-Chief will subsidise all activities of the two offices until macromanagement is required.

[Clause A]
In accordance with prior Doctrines with the Declaration, the Minister-Chief will retain all duties outlined in the Declaration of Human Rights and Principles. The entirety of the Minister-Chief's original duties will be reassigned to another National Government Official, likely to be the Parliamentary Chairman.

[Clause B]
This Resolution will nullify upon the passage of a proper legislation correctly amending the duties of the Minister-Chief.

[Clause C]
This Resolution will nullify upon the relinquishment of office by the incumbent Minister-Chief.

Passed by Legislation of the National Government