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The Battle of Fort Triumph!

Its just another peaceful day in Fort Triumph. Thomas, sweeping the entrance of The Globalist, waves to Dead West who is on their way to work. Dead West then swerves round a visibly drunk Shizensky as he, with the help of Deadeye Jack, stumbles outside of Straight-Shooters Saloon. Just then, the sound of thunder echos in the distance. The Marshals rush to raise the alarm as any amount of rain poses a great risk to the town. As the thunder rumbles closer and closer to the town, everyone is off the streets and accounted for, with one noticeable exception. No one has seen a trace of Sauron. The Dead West volunteers to search for the town's wealthiest benefactor, while Thomas and Jack gather the town's resources. Shizensky attempt to calm the public, but his inebriated state is doing little to soothe the worries of some.

Just as soon as it started, the thundering stopped. The Dead West looks up to the sky and realizes that there were no clouds. He reaches the outskirts of town and notices a standing army of thousands of monstrous beasts in the distance. As he passes the outer walls of the fort, the town falls under a sinister red glow. Mystified by the sight, Thomas and Jack head to the walls. Shizensky is overrun and the townspeople fill the streets. "I see you" a voice hisses from above. One can feel the heat rising in the desert. A horn sounds, the legions of darkness charge toward the Fort. The Dead West points his pistol towards the sky and fires. The sound echos off the hills and the rushing army halts. It was at this time Thomas and Jack reach The Dead West's position. A few of the creatures take a step backward, but are met with another sounding of the horn. The Forces of Mordor descend upon the town.

The battle of Fort Triumph begins!

Welcome, everyone, to the latest campaign brought on by the curious minds of the Event Planning Committee! This story will see the Forces of Triumph, led by Shizensky , face off against the invading Forces of Mordor, led by Evil Lord Sauron. The event will take place in four stages. The first stage starts now and the rest will take place during the event itself.

From now until the start of the event, the respective sides are expected to recruit in order to bolster their forces. Those who plan to participate in this event must declare which side they will be representing either in Linkthis thread, by contacting the Marshals on our Discord Server (torture us with pings or DMs please) or by sending a telegram to Benevolent Thomas on NationStates. Participants should make this decision carefully, as the punishment for defection on both sides is death. Sauron and Shizensky, as the heads of their respective forces, should spearhead these efforts. Players from within and outside of Fort Triumph are welcome to participate. The size of your force is only limited to how many people you can bring along for the ride. The amount of players you recruit prior to the start of the event lead to advantages during the event itself.

The Marshals (BT, Jack and TDW) will be conscripted to the Forces of Triumph. All other forum staff is up for grabs.

The Event
The event will combine elements of dice rolling, spamming, roleplay and gameplay (NSGP). These elements will be separated into three stages known as "Flashpoints". Each phase will begin with dice rolls. I will be rolling three dice for each side. One of these dice will be known as the "event die" (its green in color, so the die itself never changes). Each side takes turns rolling the dice. The accumulative number reached by the dice, including any bonuses, must reach a minimum of eleven. If this threshold has been reached, the number represented on the "event die" will be added to that team's "score" for that phase. The score each side needs to win a phase is twenty. Once a side is within five points of reaching the threshold of twenty, a Flashpoint will be triggered. The winner of each Flashpoint will have 5 points added to their score. If neither side has reached twenty points following the Flashpoint, the phase will be concluded in the same way it started, via dice rolls.

First Phase
The First Phase of the Battle will be a skirmish along the walls of the Fort. Shizensky will receive a +1 bonus in dice rolls for having the Marshals (an elite unit) for this battle. Sauron will have a +2 advantage for having the greater number of NPC forces.

First Flashpoint
A series of segregated Monster Hunter threads. Whichever side can fell the most foes in the time frame wins.
For those unfamiliar with Monster Hunter, its a game played in threads on our forum in which you post in order to attack and hopefully kill monsters that can attack you in return.

Second Phase
The Second Phase of the Battle will be the Main Engagement. Depending on which side won phase one, the battle will either be taking place within the Fort or outside of it. The winner receiving a +2 advantage in dice rolls. For this phase, Shizensky loses the Marshal Bonus, but Sauron forces advantage increases to +3.

Second Flashpoint
The two sides will roleplay on the RMB for a period of time. We will lay out some ground rules like no double-posting or spamming. These efforts will be scored via each side's total word count multiplied by the amount of unique users posting. Each unique player will add 0.1 to the multiplier that starts at 1. Double-posts or other spam will lose its team 25 words. Players will mark the top of their posts with their faction name. Attempts to game this system will lead to the death of the offender and their multiplying effect as well as their word count.

Third Phase
The Third Phase of the Battle is the final moves. If Shizensky wins phase two, Sauron's forces advantage shrinks to just +1. If Suaron won phase two, his forces advantage will be +2. If reinforcements came in during the battle (people who joined the event after its start), their numbers will be factored into their leader's advantage at this point. Shizensky regains the Marshals advantage +1.

Third Flashpoint
A representative of each side will join the WA (preferably Sauron and Shiz themselves, but they can choose others). Each side will attempt to seize the delegacy of Fort Triumph for themselves. Whoever holds the seat at the end of the allotted time will win the Flashpoint.


Event/Phase 1: 9/10/18 - 9/12/18

Phase 2: 9/13/18 - 9/15/18

Phase 3: 9/16/18 - 9/17/18