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The Glass Tower

The Glass tower is the colloquial nickname for the Shanaxanti Diplomatic centre of Dreshand, developed due to the shining glass windows and artwork held within this 2000 feet tall building of peace.

The first few floors hold the lounge, recreation centers, dinner halls as well as preliminary security checkpoints. The basements contain a state of the art hospital equipped for invasive and non invasive surgery, maintainence room and an underground basement garage that connects to tunnels that lead out of the city. Rumors have also spread concerning a large nuclear bunker reportedly contained within but so far this remains unproven.

Workers regularly perform maintainence checks on the structure and perimeter guards are armed with non lethal weapons and other detterants while inner sector guards are free to use semi-automatic rifles. The area surrounding the tower is a no fly zone and non compliance will result in local AA batteries firing at the offending aircraft.

External perimeter guards are assisted by local law enforcement and have strict orders to prevent public access, facial scanners and changing access codes are used to verify the identities of authorized visitors and a minimum of
12 cameras are on every floor depending on the amount of rooms.

The "core" floors hold meeting halls, security teams and the bulk of the towers defence forces. Many luxurious hotel suites are also placed within this section where diplomats, VIPs or other persons of great importance and their guards may stay. The top floors are largely unused except for storage and monitoring the skies surrounding.