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The legislative branch of the Capilean government, collectively the Reichsrat, meets in the Volkshalle in Saxtonburg, and is a bicameral body. The Upper House, or Edelrat, is composed of 120 Electors elected from the aristocracy, with 2 Electors representing each one of the 60 Districts. The Lower House, or Volksrat, is made up of 540 Electors elected from the general public, with 9 Electors representing each District. Currently, the Monarchist Party has a majority in the Edelrat, while the Grand Coalition of the Monarchist Party, Christian Democrat Party, and Fatherland Front collectively have a majority in the Volksrat.

Monarchist Party
Ideologies: Conservatism, Monarchism, Traditionalism
Political Leaders: Reichskanzler and Parteipräsident Wilhelm Knott
Electors in the Edelrat: 79
Electors in the Volksrat: 152
Membership: ~21,562,000
Color: Gold
Agenda: Suppression of Fascist/Communist Violence, Stabilization of the Economy, Public Works Projects
Fatherland Front
Ideologies: Fascism, Ultranationalism, Nativism
Political Leaders: Parteileiter Walther Nemetz
Electors in the Edelrat: 21
Electors in the Volksrat: 149
Membership: ~16,015,000
Color: Dark Green
Agenda: Abolition of Communist Political Groups, Installment of Fascist/National Socialist Economic System, Belligerent Foreign Policy, Intervention in Africa
Fraternal Socialist Union
Ideologies: Communism, Socialism in One Country, Socialist Patriotism
Political Leaders: General-Secretary Terry Blücher
Electors in the Edelrat: 1
Electors in the Volksrat: 146
Membership: ~15,973,000
Color: Red
Agenda: Abolition of Monarchy, Abolition of Fascist Political Groups, Installment of Socialism, Increased Workers'/Farmers' Rights
Christian Democratic Party
Ideologies: Christian Democracy, Centrism, Traditionalism
Political Leaders: Parteipräsident Thomas Strauss
Electors in the Edelrat: 4
Electors in the Volksrat: 73
Membership: ~4,225,000
Color: Light Blue
Agenda: Suppression of Communist/Fascist Violence, Abolition of Communist/Fascist Parties, Increased District-level Autonomy
Socialist Party
Ideologies: Socialism, Marxism, Communism
Political Leaders: General-Secretary Konrad Pfeifer
Electors in the Edelrat: 0
Electors in the Volksrat: 9
Membership: ~5,018,000
Color: Maroon
Agenda: Abolition of Monarchy, Abolition of the Aristocracy, Installation of Socialism, World Revoltion, Increased Workers' Rights
Restoration Party
Ideologies: Absolutism, Monarchism, Conservatism
Political Leaders: Vorsitzende Klement von Starhemberg
Electors in the Edelrat: 15
Electors in the Volksrat: 7
Membership: ~860,000
Color: Blue
Agenda: Abolition of Democracy, Restoration of Absolute Monarchy, Installation of Prince Karl I as Grand Duke or Emperor
People's Movement
Ideologies: Progressivism, Syndicalism, Trade Unionism
Political Leaders: Parteipräsident Guido Meyer
Electors in the Edelrat: 0
Electors in the Volksrat: 4
Membership: ~860,000
Color: Green
Agenda: Trade Unionization, Better Worker Conditions, Minimum Wage Increases, Worker Compensation Laws