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Bill of Rights

Bill of rights of the Incorporated States of Dreshand

Article 1. Freedom of Speech
1) All citizens residing in Dreshand have the undenaiable right to enjoy or participate in political discussion, address the government or other organization by petition, freely assemble in political parties or protests and enjoy freedom of the honest press.

Article 2. Sacredness of Religion
1) Recognizing the sacred status of all religions in their ability to guide cultures towards greater understanding. Thus the right to practice any religion is sacred as well
2) No religious test will be required to hold any non religious office in an organization
3) A law will not be considered by Congress if it's only basis is due to religious bias or dogma
4) The official state religion of Dreshand had and always will be Maxwellism

Article 3. Anti-discrimination act
1) Barring extrenous circumstances, basing assumptions on the race, gender, religion, orientation or other natural qualities not included in the article is strictly illegal.
2) For the purposes of this act, any discrimination based on physical or mental ability required to perform tasks or religious beliefs in a wholly religious organization is legal
3) While all citizens have the right to dislike a message or political agenda they must allow it to be spread freely, contrasting messages may be spread in response.

Article 4. Administrative Structure
1) Congress is composed of 500 elected seats who will write and pass laws that can only be overwritten by the leader once every three months.
2) Congress will meet once a month to discuss all outstanding issues. Emergency meetings may be held by the Leader if necessary
3) An annual survey will be held in order to determine the main concern of the people
4) A congressional decision may also be overwritten by a 70% majority vote from the public.
5) Senators may only be elected once every year and a half. To be considered as a candidate they must be above 25 years old, at least 6 of those years must have been spent within Dreshand as a citizen. However when vacancies appear the High Overseer has the authority to hold emergency elections.
6) To elect a high overseer citizens will vote for the two most popular candidates. These candidates will then be voted upon by the elected senators on behalf of the people

Article 5. Suffrage rights
1) Any citizen may vote in regional, national or local elections as long as they are above the age of 18
2) Citizens may not be obstructed from votes or otherwise coerced against voting.
3) Any citizen, immigrant or foreign national may write to the government. Citizens also have the right to petition the government or ask for an audience with a government official.

Article 6. Marriage
1)The right to marriage shall not be denied to any couple of any sexuality, nor shall the right to marry multiple spouses be denied if the previous spouse or spouses consent.
2) If a non third party does not consent, they cannot be forced or coerced into marriage

Article 7. The right to private property, conscription and slavery
1) state seizure of private property is unnaceptible except during a state of imminent catastrophe, property shall then be returned with compensation
2) Slavery, indentured servitude, involuntary labour or nonconsensual transportation remains illegal within country borders,except as punsishment when a party had been convicted of a crime where they are found guilty by the court of law.
3) A period of 2 year military conscription is compulsory and may be taken at any time between a citizens 18th to 28th birthday. Citizens who refuse on religious or moral grounds will be relegated to auxillery and medical work

Article 8. Judicial Process
1) When the court rules in favour of one party involved in a suit, the opposing party must pay compensation for legal charges incurred by the other party
2) In any legal suit the right of trial by jury shall be enforced if the damaged exceed 100,000 credits
3) An accused party will have the right to a speedy trail with an impartial judge/jury, to be informed about the nature of the accusations, have witnesses in his favour and never be coerced to testify against themselves. There shall be no excessive punishment or bail and are treated as innocent until proven guilty.
4) Any participants have a right to remain silent
5) In the event of a search and seizure upon a citizens property Law enforcement must provide a warrant as well as the items being searched for and seized followed by the reason why.

Article 9. Purchase of recreational substances
1) Substances such as Alcohol, Tobacco or Marijuana can be purchased and consumed in a reasonable amount defined by federal law
2) The above clause will remain valid unless accredited and reliable research shows highly negative effects considered unacceptible

Article 10. Protection of rights
1)The enumeration of the bill of rights will protect universal and local rights not mentioned above
2) All Incorporated states have the freedom to self govern as long as their policies and laws do not contradict the decisions of the acting leader and federal law
3) Exceptions to this law are only allowed in regards to Article 11

Article 11. Covert legislation and judicial exceptions
1) The legislation passed here to be stricken or otherwise obscured from public records and only used under times of emergency or imminent threat.
2) ██████ ████ ██ ████████████ █ █████ ████████
3) ██ ██████ ████████████ ████ █ ████ █ ████ ████████████████ ████████ ███

Article 12. Right to bear arms
1) The ban on arms in the hands of civillians will be permanently replealed.
2) Semi automatic rifles cannot be commercially sold, however they can be rented by certain verified establishment on the condition that their ammunition and location be verified in a certain time interval.
3) Concealed carry laws will be left up to individual states.
4) Easily concealable semi automatics and their owners will be under greater scrutiny