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The Heer or Army is the largest branch of the Reichswehr and one of the largest armies in the world. It encompasses all Capilean land-based forces, excluding Volkssturm, Sto▀wehr, and naval/aerial troops. Its principal objective is to protect the Capilean people from any attack and expand their interests worldwide.
The Reichsmarine or Navy is the nautical branch of Reichswehr and is one of the largest fleets in the world. It also maintains many air wings and several marine and naval infantry corps. Its duty is to keep Capilean waters safe and to project Capilean maritime power worldwide.
The Luftwaffe or Air Force is the aerial branch of Reichswehr and one of the largest and most modern air forces in the world. In addition to many thousands of aircraft, the Luftwaffe also retains several divisions of paratroopers and other airborne forces. Its purpose is to protect Capilean airspace and assist the other branches of the military in operations wherever possible.
The Sto▀wehr, essentially Shock Force, is an elite branch of the Reichswehr composed of very well-trained and equipped soldiers who have proven themselves willing to give all for their nation and people. In addition to large ground forces the Sto▀wehr maintains sizable air and naval forces. It is the vanguard of the Reichswehr, and is assigned to the most difficult and harrowing of operations.
The Volkssturm or National Guard is the last line of defense against foreign incursion into Nova Capile, but it is by no means inadequate to such a task. Counting its varied reserve units it is by far the largest branch of the Reichswehr and is well-equipped and trained for any war on Capilean soil. While its main objective is to defeat a foreign invasion, the Volkssturm also serves as a National Guard and police force to quell volatile civil unrest.