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Currency of Atmovia (edited 13/11/18)

The Standard Atmor Sign and an example of a handwritten Atmor Sign

Ok, I'll admit this is from that locked post about currency surveys, I'm lazy.
Though it seemed complicated for me to understand what currency would be at first, I did enjoy filling it out, then I realised the thread was locked, so I'm putting it in a factbook instead anyway, since it's still good information, after all.

Section One: Overview
What is the name of your Currency? Atmor
What is the official ISO Currency Code?AVA
What is the official Currency Sign? for an Atmor, the symbol is the lettar A with a line across the bottom, so that it forms a complete triangle with a line through it that slightly exits from either side (see image to the left). for a Vilsi, simply the letters "vs" are used, but only when a price is less than an Atmor, for example, if something is 0.50 it will be "50vs"
How many subdivisions of your Currency exist? 1 Atmor is equal to 100 Vilsi
What is the current exchange rate to NSD? currently, 1 Atmor is equal to 1.2 NSD.

Section Two: Banknotes (Paper Money)
Is your Currency available in paper form?Yes.
If your Currency is not available in paper form, you can skip the rest of Section Two
Have banknotes been standardized, or does each bank have its own banknotes? banknotes are standardised across Atmovia as of the current leaders leadership, and the money has been revamped, former currency from the opression is no longer used.
What are the denominations of banknotes available? 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 500 Atmors.
Are banknotes vertical or horizontal? horizontal.
What designs are present on banknotes? Nature/animals present in the nation, the current leader refuses to have her face on the currency.
A5 is a light greyish white in color, and features the nations national animal, the skylark.
A10 is pale green in color and features the nations prominent pine trees.
A20 is pale blue in colour, and features cornflowers, a flower seen growing wild all over the nation.
A50 is pale yellow in colour, and features imagery of Südamemägi , the nations tallest mountain.
A100 is lilac in colour, and features imagery representing the marshlands of Atmovia
A500 is a pale reddish orange in colour, and features an image of Atmovian scenery, complete with birds, trees, flowers and such.
What security features are present on banknotes? made from bioplastic, the banknotes feature a small braille in the corner, over the top of the money, they also feature a printed number (the same number as the worth of the note) that will only show under blacklight, as well as a small see through window in the bottom right of the note.

Section Three: Coins
Is your Currency available in coins? Yes.
If your Currency is not available in coins, you can skip the rest of Section Three
What are the denominations of coin available? 1 Atmor, 1vs, 5vs, 10vs, 20vs and 50vs.
What are coins made of? A1's are made of a mix of copper, zinc and nickel, looking golden in color, 1 and 5vs coins are made of copper and 10, 20 and 50vs are made of cupronickel, looking silver in colour.
What designs are present on coins?
each coin features decorative leaf/floral wreath around their number on one side along with the date the coin was created, and the nations motto, and various animals on the other side.
A1=elk, 1vs=hare, 5vs= fox, 10vs=lynx, 20vs=swallow, 50vs=swan
What security features are present on coins? microscopic ridges on the sides of the coin, as well as a microscopic secret code present on each coin.

Section Four: Miscellaneous
Other than banknotes and coins, what forms are your currency available in? Many people will own bank cards and can pay electronically using these, cheques are also in use, though not very often.
Is counterfeiting a crime? If so, what is the penalty? If not, why? Counterfeiting is indeed illegal, and carries a minimum of 6 months, longer if it is felt that the criminal is not rehabilitated.
Are taxes included in prices? Yes, taxes are included in prices, so there is not any secret hidden fees - you get to know exactly how much you are paying.

An example of a 20vs Coin: