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Southern Daily News: Welcome to TSP!

[size=150]Welcome to TSP![/size]
If you're reading this, you're likely new to [region]the South Pacific[/region] (commonly known as TSP). This dispatch will provide some useful info on how to participate in TSP.
First, here are some guides:
Second, here are the RMB rules:
The RMB ([u]R[/u]egional [u]M[/u]essage [u]B[/u]oard) is a way to socialize with other nations of TSP. You should introduce yourself there, if you haven't already. [url=]Here's a link to the RMB[/url].
Third, here's Southern Daily News. The RMB is also summarized daily by Southern Daily News, if you would rather not read through the RMB. Southern Daily News also features Quote of the Day, World Assembly news, and regional government news:
Fourth, here's a dispatch about SWAN ([u]S[/u]outhern [u]W[/u]orld [u]A[/u]ssembly i[u]N[/u]itiative):
SWAN is the [url=]World Assembly[/url] (WA) program for TSP. It's useful if you want to get involved in the WA.
Fifth, here are links to TSP's forum and TSP's Discord server:
Finally, take SPIT ([u]S[/u]outh [u]P[/u]acific [u]I[/u]ced [u]T[/u]ea) and a lampshade, cultural traditions of TSP. Before you ask, SPIT does contain alcohol and you're supposed to wear the lampshade. Oh, and if you want a good drink that doesn't have alcohol, try the NHC's [url=]THOT[/url].