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Her Royal Majesty,Catherine I

Queen Of Icadias, Catherine I

Queen Of Icadias

Her Royal Majesty

Catherine I

Queen Of Icadias


Her Royal Majesty(Formal)
Your Majesty(In-formal)






6:12:1993 (a.26)


David, Duke Of Västergötland
Prince Michael, Duke Of Halland


Princess Catherine, Duchess Of Västergötland
Princess Madeline Of Icadias

Net Worth

$11.57 billion
10.08 billion Icas

Full Name

Catherine Alexia Grace




Winston I


Hazel Johannes

Stockholm University
(MOS-Master Of Studies)


Roman Catholic Christianity

"These words, I address to the soldiers and the heroes of our country.Your deeds and sacrifice against the communists, and the Axis will never be forgotten.What are we to be, even I myself without your honest and noble contribution.We thank you, our noble heroes.We thank you"
- HRM Catherine I's speech during the 100th Year Of Independence as Crown Princess.

Catherine I, D.K.M.B, D.K.L.U.Y.A.D, D.K.S.U.Y.A.D(born Catherine Alexia Grace) is the 2nd female and current Queen Of Icadias.She ascended to the throne upon abdication of her younger sister,Emma I on 16:6:2018.

Early Life

Catherine was born on 6:12:1997 as the first child to the royal couple of Icadias.Her younger brother, Alexius and her two younger sisters, Emma, Juliana would follow suit.From an early age, like her siblings, she has been blessed with a perfect and lavish lifestyle and living.However, she is naturally the strictest and leader-like among her siblings.Because of this,sometimes, she would get into a skirmish with her brash and naughty little brother, Alexius who was the 2nd eldest among the 4.

Oxford University

Despite sharing the same university as her sister, Emma, and also as her senior there, she decided to only pursue the MOS degree unlike the latter who would then graduate with another degree, the Bachelor Of Law(BAL).

Rise in Politics

During her father's final moments, she and the rest of her siblings were all present except her brother, Alexius who was,until now is still in prison due to drug offences.Despite regular customs that the eldest shall rise to the throne, her first youngest sister, whom she shared a university with was chosen as the heir.

Military Career

Catherine entered the Military Academy Karlberg on 5 June,2015.She was known as Cadet Catherine.After 8 months, she completed her training and was commissioned first as a Second Lieutenant in the Stockholm Artic Regiment, part of the Milo N command.In February 2016, it was announced that she and her regiment is being commissioned to Iraq to partake in the ongoing War On Terror.After 9 months serving in Iraq and 2 months in Afghanistan, she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel for excellent performance and noble valour.Immediately after her coronation as Queen, she was automatically made the Commander In Chieftress of the Icadias Royal Armed Forces.


Despite not being as the monarch to succeed her father, she was automatically and formally appointed as the Head Of State in absence of the Queen.Currently, she is a person who is very interested in fashion while being exceptionally talented in politics.She is also a more liberal version of her sister, advocating rights for LGBTQ+'s.On 17:6:18, a day after her sister's abdication the previous day, she officially became Queen Of Icadias to which she is the 2nd female monarch in the country's history to follow suit her sister, who had also officially begun her active duty in the UN international community.


  • Legalization Of LGBTQ+ Rights

  • Abolishment of the death penalty

  • Embryonic Stem Cell Research Program

  • National Defense Policy

  • Stockholm Immigration Policy

  • Free Education And Healthcare Policy

  • Child Protection Policy

  • Gun Control Policy

For & Against

  • For: LGBTQ+ Rights,Liberalism,Capitalism,Palestine-Israeli 2 state solution

  • Against:War,Terrorism,Socialism,Israeli Aggression,Benjamin Netanyahu

International Talks & Missions

Since rising to the position, Catherine I has been a monarch highly interested in the international affairs, one that had caught up with her the most was the Israeli-Gaza conflict.While not being a public vocal critic of Israel's actions in Gaza, she had recently written a joint-published memoir, titled Icadias And Islam:A Memoir Of HRM Catherine I as a source of her own personal reflection on the way Islam is treated generally and also as her platform of expressing on the issue of Israeli settlement in Gaza whom she doubt as illegal.She had also been actively involved in many international talks and meetings related to the issue such as:

  • Istanbul Summit, 2018 With President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

  • Bandar Seri Begawan Summit, 2018 With Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah

  • UK-Icadias Summit, 2018 With Prime Minister Theresa May

  • Berlin Summit, 2018 With Chancellor Angela Merkel

    Upcoming summits:

  • Riyadh Summit With King Salman Bin Abdulaziz

  • Moscow Conference, 2018 With President Vladimir Putin

  • Amman Summit With King Abdullah II

  • Tokyo Summit With Prime Minister Shinzō Abe

  • Cairo Summit With President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi

    Possible Summits:

  • Rabat Summit With King Mohammed VI

  • Tehran Summit With Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

  • Washington D.C. Summit With President Donald Trump

Personal Information

Catherine, like her siblings enjoyed a very peaceful life among each other.With the exception of her incarcerated brother, she developed and to this day, maintained a very good relationship with her sisters and her mother who had outlived her deceased father, Winston I.She was formerly married to German actor David Kross, whom she met during her last day after her summit with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.The two were engaged upon a few days later in Stockholm, Icadias in a private ceremony, attended by their close friends and family.

Personal Trivia

  • Due to her openness, willingness and contribution in stemming the Islamophobia problem and also for her extensive support for Palestine, she was given a palace residence in the city of Bandar Seri Begawan,named the "White Queen Palace" or "Istana Seri Ratu Putih" , synonym to her status Queen and her outfit's ordinary white color by the Sultan Of Brunei himself, Hassanal Bolkiah.The palace is maintained and look after by both Bruneian and Icadias officials and is estimated to be around a $5.8 billion,higher than the Sultan's own palace.She is the first monarch to had ever received such a feat.The Palace is also her first secondary residence internationally.Alongside the palace, she was gifted with a Embraer Lineage 1000 private jet($53 mil), and two Rolls Royce Phantom VIII, each costing $1.62 mil.

  • Despite living in the modern century, she has a very soothing taste for classical musics, most notably Frank Sinatra's classical musics.She also enjoys classical Swedish music too.She is also reported to have a very lavish lifestyle, added with her economical investments in her privately-owned company towards foreign countries, that benefits both her and Icadias itself.

  • Despite formerly being a Crown Princess and the Heir Apparent, she, until today still maintains an active service rate in the military.This fact would remain even after her recent enthronement.

  • She enjoys Swedish cheese very much as it is her own personal breakfast meal.

  • She is an exceptionally skilled dancer, having learned ballet from an academy at 12 years old, and waltz from personally watching ballroom dramas.

  • Unlike her female predecessors or equivalents worldwide, Catherine I has been the first queen to openly condemn and to call for justice against Israel and its actions,whom she deemed inhumane and violent in Gaza.Even though she was never allowed to visit the country, she has pursued alternative ways of support to condemn the Israeli violence by meetings with foreign Muslim leaders, most recently the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.Besides the latter, she has also pursued to meet Moroccan king, Mohammed VI but sadly, no definite answer came from the Moroccan government.It was also recently rumored that she was making plans to meet Iran's Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, but palace officials has denied such allegations, 3 days after it circulated nation-wide.

  • Her favorite destination for holidays are:
    -Rome, Italy
    -Paris, France
    -Istanbul, Turkey
    -Rabat, Morocco
    -Madrid, Spain

  • She is currently the third most decorated monarch after Hans I(for his foundation) and Adolph I(for his patriotism) in her ancestors's line, having earned many local and foreign honours,most notably 3 Bruneian honors from the Brunei Sultan, Hassanal Bolkiah.


After meeting her future husband, David Kross during her official trip to Germany, whom she specifically met during a premiere of the latter's starred film.She was said to had been in contact with him ever since, after being enchanted by his acting in the movie premiere.Eventually, just a few weeks after their first meet, they were officially engaged and were married just 4 days later on 22 July 2018.


Since the start of the marriage, possibilities of such divorce were impossible as the couple was frequently seen travelling together whether on official or non-official duties.On 9 January, after Catherine's recent official visit to Italy concluded, lots of rumors arose upon allegedly seeing that the Queen travelled alone without her husband.One of the rumours indicated a secretly turbulent relationship between the 2 due to Prince David's alleged incompatibility to divide his time between royal affairs and his ongoing actor work.Anyhow, on 24 January in the same year, it was officially announced that the royal couple had officially confirmed for a divorce or annulment on the following day.Expectedly, the annulment ceremony took place the following day.The Prince was officially confirmed to be allowed to keep his royal title alongside with the granting of a lavish estate and a total sum of settlement money, amounted to be $650 thousand.

2nd Marriage

Though the Queen originally showed no interest in a remarriage following her divorce and the birth of her 2nd daughter, she was privately engaged to her cousin Prince Michael, Duke Of Halland on the 16th of April.The marriage plans were believed to had been suggestedd by the prince's sister, Nathalie.The two would spend around 2 months privately vacationing on Værøy Island in Norway before processing their marriage on the 8th of June at the same place, broadcasted live and attended by their nearest relatives and friends, with the special invitations of singers Charlie Puth and Elton John.

Titles & Honours

Styles Of Queen Catherine I Of Icadias

Reference Style: Her Majesty
Spoken Style:Your Majesty
Alternative Style:Ma'am

  • 6 December 1993-16 June 2018:Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess Of Icadias, Duchess Of Västergötland

  • 16 June 2018-Present:Her Royal Majesty The Queen Of The Queendom Of Icadias


  • :Sovereign (Grand Master) - Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Order of King Gustav II

  • :Sovereign (Grand Master) - Knight of the Royal Order of the Seraphim

  • :Sovereign (Grand Master) - Knights Grand Cross of the Royal Order of the Sword

  • :Sovereign (Grand Master) - Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Order of the Polar Star

  • :Order Of The Republic Of Turkey


    “I just want a good life, where everyone is happy and can live together, even if they are from different backgrounds and even if they practice different religions”

    “To love everything around you, is to take action in protecting them rather than just sitting and watching them suffer”

    "I always ask myself.Don't ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.It is truly inspiring indeed"

    "It is to some people that the actions of reclaiming lost lands is justified but to me, it is the actions of terror, manifested by the concept of their religion and their holy book that they had wrongly manipulated for their own profit and gain"

    "I will always stand with the people that demanded for former US President, George W Bush to be trialed for his crimes in Iraq.If only he had done a smart and rational judgement.Instead, he had wasted the amount of the 2,996 people that had innocently and tragically died on that very day"


    Catherine I in a public outing

    Catherine I's talk with Turkish President,Recep Tayyip Erdoğan over Israeli violence in Gaza

    Catherine I;18 yrs old

    Catherine I, Russia, Moscow during a trip with her sister

    Catherine I in the UN Central African Republic Crisis, October 2017

    Catherine I, Rabat, Morocco, dated January 2018

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