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Basic RMB Rules

Our Common Sense RMB Rules

  • Be courteous and respectful to your fellow players.

  • Help your fellow players when they have questions.

  • Understand that your post might not get a quick response.

  • Keep the language to English or provide a translation.

  • Any topic or subject (within our rules) is allowed.

  • If things get heated, step away from the keyboard.

  • Real world politics goes to the dedicated Discord channel.

  • Long, personal conversations belong on Discord or Telegrams.

  • Role playing belongs in the dedicated areas on the Forum or Discord.

The Founder, CEO, and the Pit Bosses have final say on all posts.

The Following Is Never Allowed
  • Spamming / trolling / flaming / flame-baiting

  • Harassment

  • Rewording or otherwise changing a quote without using -snip-

  • Recruiting or asking for endorsements

  • Posting in ALL CAPS

  • ASCII art / large emoticons

  • Obnoxiously long or immediate, multiple consecutive posts

  • Useless comments

The Following Is Occasionally Allowed
  • Phrases like "sup" or "IIRC"

  • Unicode (fancy-styled) fonts

  • No more than one or two Emoji in a message

The Sportsbook CEO of Davelands