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Ground Rules
Canopy N-Day Guide

U S E F U L   L I N K S :
News Page | LinkN-Day Discord | Your Nukes | Our Faction

G U I D E S :
What is N-Day? [The Basics] | Ground Rules [Must Read] | How to Help (and Prepare!) | The Strategy


  1. DO NOT FIRE upon any nation which is not a member of one of the target factions listed on our faction page.
    This is the single most important rule of N-Day play. Even if they are your friend, your roleplay enemy, or your brother, never fire on anyone in a faction not specifically listed on our page without checking with N-Day Command first. While it may seem fun and harmless, doing so can get our entire faction into a war we never asked for, and by doing so you can single-handedly jeopardize our entire faction. Donít do it.

  2. Join the Canopy N-Day Discord server.
    Even if you never would join discord otherwise, or are hesitant to do so, Discord is imperative for fully participating in the N-Day event.

  3. Follow the Command Leadersí instructions.
    Always listen for and follow any further instructions from the Command Leaders -- their nations and discord handles are listed below. The Command Leaders are experienced members of our regions. They are keeping aware of happenings both in our faction and in other factions around the world and coordinating with the leadership of other factions to make our attacks and our defence more effective. They are negotiating to prevent our involvement in conflicts we'd rather avoid. Their word ALWAYS takes precedence over anything in this guide or another Canopy N-Day guide.

    If you are unsure of what you should do or a command seems strange, ask for clarification. Ambiguity has no place where nuclear weapons are involved.

  4. Shields > Nukes.
    Our goal as a faction is to finish the game with as little radiation on our nations as possible. This means that it is much more important for us to protect ourselves than to aggressively attack others. If you ever must decide whether to create nukes or create shields and are having a hard time doing so, all other things notwithstanding, choose shields.

  5. Have fun!