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Malay World Cup 2nd Edition (WC02 Khantari™)

Khantari Perspective

Khantari is a massive, safe nation, ruled by Dr. Adrian West with an iron fist, and remarkable for its state-planned economy, frequent executions, and punitive income tax rates. The compassionate, hard-working, cynical, devout population of 3.754 billion Khantarians are kept under strict control by the oppressive government, which measures its success by the nation's GDP and refers to individual citizens as "human resources."

The enormous, corrupt, well-organized government juggles the competing demands of Defense, Industry, and Welfare. It meets to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Fort Raleigh. The average income tax rate is 79.6%.

The frighteningly efficient Khantarian economy, worth 333 trillion Amarrs a year, is driven entirely by a combination of government and state-owned industry, with private enterprise illegal. However, for those in the know, there is a slick, highly efficient, broadly diversified black market in Arms Manufacturing, Beef-Based Agriculture, Cheese Exports, and Book Publishing. The private sector mostly consists of enterprising ten-year-olds selling lemonade on the sidewalk, but the government is looking at stamping this out. Average income is 88,829 Amarrs, with the richest citizens earning 5.4 times as much as the poorest.

New safety regulations require all cars manufactured in Khantari to be bombproof, teachers regularly paddle unruly students, the nation's infamous boot camp is more brutal than most battlefields, and atheists are heavily taxed. Crime, especially youth-related, is totally unknown, thanks to a well-funded police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Khantari's national animal is the Black Eagle, which soars majestically through the nation's famously clear skies, and its national religion is Islam.

WC02 Local Organisation Committee
  • Chairman: Dr. Andres Shawcross

  • Chief Executive Officer: Admiral (ret.) William S. Saltpipers

  • Chief Finance Officer: Dr. Stanley F. Groomley

  • Chief Marketing Officer: Mrs. Lisa C. von Henderwitt

Official bid partners

Khantari Football Council

The Khantari Football Council (KFC) is the governing body for responsible for organizing the Khantari national football team within the country. The Khantari Football Council headquarters is located at Spartanborg House. During the glory days of Khantarian football in the 1970s and 80s, names like James Fallberg, Sean Headnight and Richard Reed (current national coach) would strike fear in teams all over Tanah Melayu. Khantari also achieve as runner-up in Tanah Melayu World Cup 01 which held in Zeniyadh. For Tanah Melayu World Cup 02, Khantari has making a bid for be a host nation beside South east united.
Latest News
WC02 Khantari™ and Khantari Entertainment Guild (KEG), a leading producer of global music events, today announced the final line-up of Khantarian artists for the inaugural WC02 Khantari™ World Cup™ Kick-Off Celebration Concert. Five-time Khantarian KEG Music Award (KEGMA) winners Selimma Sovic, legendary Khantarian musician Aiton Nickerham, as well as Khantarian hip-hop artist Royal-Kingdom, will take to the stage at Grefberg Nation Stadium in Fort Raleigh on the eve of the opening match of the first WC02 Khantari™ World Cup™ on Khantarian soil. All net proceeds from the concert will be donated to ten NGO's whos offering education and healthcare services as well as football training to disadvantaged communities.

They also will launch Khantari Malay World Cup official logo and official merchandise and kick-off the 2nd Malay World Cup 2018. The Union Roadies Association (URA) will provide technical assistance during the concert.

2nd Malay World Cup™ official logo can be found here

Winning Speech
Respected CMFA Members and My Dear Colleagues!

This is a very auspicious moment for us as we all have gathered to celebrate the success to charting Tanah Melayu football arena to new height. I am here to deliver my speech on this occasion; it’s a great honor for us to be given a chance to hosting 2nd MWC. I am truly obliged for this great honors and recognition given by the regional members.

Khantari, as we all know, has gearing top speed for hosting this big event, beginning to form Local Organization Committee, which heads by Admiral (ret.) William S. Saltpipers as CEO. Mr. Saltpipers also appointed as CEO of Sports Facilities Management & Development Corporation (SOFMED), the government-owned company that supervised and develop all venues and facilities, especially for MWC.

We listed five Tournement Arena namely, Grefberg National Stadium in Fort Raleigh for opening and final arena; Foggington North Stadium in tourist city of Foggington; Weaver Handbarrow Stadium in most south part of the nation; Noah Eaglewood Memorial Stadium in Invester and Ironchurch Mines Stadium in Oldenhurst, our most latest stadium.

For transportation to reach all these areas, Integrated Light Trains System (INLAND) was the solution, 560km INLAND will connect all the arena with Fort Raleigh and Santa Clarita International Airport. KFC also confirm 16 six star hotel will be designated as SAVER (Staff & Sportsmen Accommodation Village Center) and will be the teams’ headquarters during the tournament and all of them will include a hotel and training site located a short distance from each other.

New build Cornwinds River Sport Information Center (CORSIC) will be the main heart of media and broadcasting crew for all over the world for reporting this games, meanwhile, Capitol Sports Medical Center (CSMC) which provide a dedicated team, and aiming at bringing individuals to recover quickly from sports and musculoskeletal injuries and returning them to their previous level of sports or physical activities.

Khantari Government also activates Task Force Guardian (TFG) which join element of national security and law enforcement corps for providing total security protection during the games, TFG will be a station at all over the critical area such as venue, accommodation, transport hubs, and other facilities.

This entire journey was a learning experience for us and we strive to make this game a successful one.

Once again, thank you, everyone!

Have a great day!

Fort Raleigh - Infrastructure construction for the 2nd MWC including venues and non-venues will be fully completed by November 31. The official in charge of the development project, Minister of Trade, Technologies & Mining, Mr. Clancy Snuggler said he would report to President West that the project has been ready for inauguration end of November. The project including $14m new Cornwinds River Sport Information Center (CORSIC) and $27m Fort Raleigh, Capitol Sports Medical Center (CSMC) which provide a dedicated team, and aiming at bringing individuals to recover quickly from sports and musculoskeletal injuries and returning them to their previous level of sports or physical activities. This is done through a combined use of medications and modalities, the multi-disciplinary approach of sports rehabilitation and post-operative rehabilitation, diagnostic and therapeutic musculoskeletal ultrasound, therapeutic exercise prescription, orthotics, and prosthesis prescription.

Khantari will hold World Cup Extravaganza Concert featuring Khantarian top artists and rock bands such as Monica Lonica and The Troubles. World Cup Extravaganza Concert will be held at Romanov Palace's concert hall on Friday evening

Khantari Football Council (KFC) reveal a official jersey for the national team for coming to Malay Worldcup 2nd Edition.

WC02 Khantari™ Exhibition at the historic Spancer & Thormaker department store in Fort Raleigh is now open. Located on the ground floor of the store, the free attraction offers visitors a fascinating trip through football history, with memorabilia including match-worn shirts from legends such as James Fallberg, Sean Headnight and Brock Breckenridge (national team captain), along with mascots and official balls from past tournaments.

In addition to viewing memorabilia, visitors to the exhibition are given the chance to record a personal message for the people of Khantari. They can also view sculptures created especially for the exhibition by leading Khantari and international artists.

WC02 Khantari™ News
Energy provider KHANPower has become the latest brand to back the Khantari KFC's bid to host the 2nd Malay World Cup. Following similar recent announcement from Rustwell Farming Machinery, and Union Airlines, KHANPower has been signed up as an official supporter of the Khantari 2nd Malay World Cup.
The WC02 Khantari™ Local Organisation Committee has been announced by the President Dr. Adrian West.

The KFC Chairman, Dr. Andres Shawcross will fulfill the role of Chairman, the former Khantari Navy Commander in Chief, Admiral (ret.) William S. Saltpipers will be the WC02 Khantari™ CEO and Dr. Stanley F. Groomley, the country’s former deputy minister of finance will be the committee CFO.

Membership on the Committee will be for a renewable period of four years and is effective immediately.

Fort Raleigh, Khantari - The Khantari Football Council (KFC) officially made a bid to host the 2nd Malay World Cup. It was confirmed by CMFA on 24/08. The finalist of the previous edition of the tournament confident their country is eligible to host the regional football tournament. The president of KFC said that Grefberg National Stadium which had 51.000 capacity reflect Khantari football tradition, and it's time to host a major tournament.

"We achieve a good result by finishing as runner-up in the previous MWC in Zeniyadh, now it's our time to follow Zeniyadh success to host the tournament. That will be a pride for us as a nation with a football tradition"

CMFA officially open the bid for 2nd Malay World Cup host yesterday (23/08). Khantari become the first country to make a bid. On the other side, Zenidhian Futbol Ilişki (ZFI) made a statement that they're not interested to host the 2nd Malay World Cup and prefer to give the opportunity to the other countries. All received bid will be evaluated by CMFA and reduced to only two selected bid. Then the final round between the two side will be held by regional voting to determine the 2nd MWC host. Source

Tournement Arena