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The Tagali Empire

Traders and Travelers tell of a interstellar Civilization of immense power and wealth. This nation stretches from the coreward edges of the Perseus Arm to the Fringes of the Outer Rim of the Galaxy. An Empire that houses a menagerie of species unlike anywhere else in the Galaxy, all under the stern hand of a mighty species of Humanoid beings of impressive strength and speed. This region of space is known as the Tagali Empire.

The Tagali Empire has reigned on for thousands of years, rising from humble beginnings of squabbling petty states unified under the banner of the Tagali Homeworld of Jakala. Through Conquest, the Tagali expanded their domain out into the void. While their methods were brutal and merciless, they allowed for peace and stability to bloom out of the ashes of the old powers they crushed in their wake. Pirates were now few and far between, allowing for merchants and others to travel through their space unmolested. The spread of their languages and cultures allowed for a langua franca to develop thoughout much of their territory, breaking down many barriers among the peoples they subjugated. Despite all this splendor, the Tagali still look out beyond their dominions, eyeing the belongings of their neighbors, dooming them to future conflicts.