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3nd Edition



* Vroengard Map Update
* Solar Alliance New Government Structure Coming Soon!
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Vroengard Map Update
As has been covered in previous editions of the Alliance News, the Vroengard has been undergoing a bit of a revival and part of that has been the creation of a new map. After much thought i decided that it would be good to try and interactive map rather than one like that of the Solar Alliance. As such for those who are interested then please check out the following link:

Also the region is open to new members if people are interested in joining a fantasy/magic - historic technology type region set approximately in the 1500's.

Solar Alliance New Government Structure Coming Soon!

Due to inactivity of certain government positions and complaints regarding the inefficiency of the other government mechanism, the Founder has decided to ask the region for feedback on the possibility of returning Role Play powers back to the Judiciary Branch of government and in effect brining the old style of government back where all powers were held by a council and the Delegate. However, the President (Delegate) has suggested looking at a new type of government entirely, one that might better serve the region.

Role Play

Zuidland News

Breaking news

Mandla Mandela Dead in Car Crash

Today at 12:40 Local time Bermuda Mandla Mandela son of The deceased ANC leader Nelson Mandela, was declared dead at the age of 55.

He has died in a car crash when his car under protection was driven into by Other car he and his wife and daughter died on impact as well. The driver of the other car was found dead next to his car and has yet to be identified.

Mandla Mandela was in Bermuda to address the Solar alliance general assembly on the Treatment of the Xhosa people. Mandla Mandela a chieftain of a Xhosa tribe and vocal opponent of the Zuidland Government has been living in exile since 2011 when he was refused entrance in the country on the grounds of her past as a leader of the Armed wing of the ANC. And since then has been a vocal international opponent of the Zuidland Government.

After his death has been announced already large riots primarily in Garbone Capital of Province of Paviljoen, and Bhisho in the willemburg province, started and the ANC has already stated “This is a obvious assassination on a peaceful opponent of Their Segregation policies”. The Zuid Afrikaans’s Politie has responded to the Riots with a heavy hand and violent clashes between police and rioters have already taken place with the ZAP using water hoses, rubber bullets, we will bring more information ones the situation changes

This was Zuidland News.

The captain of the Celeste arrested

Captain Muhammad Yatabare of the Celeste was Arrested when he was asked outside of the ship to negotiate a possible release of the passengers to give medical attention that have been given scarcely with only the elderly and the children with their parents being taken of the ship. However videos of the passengers show the conditions are not optimal with a reported death of a 40 year old west African. The port authority’s have also started to move the ship to a. Drydock.

it’s yet unknown what the Zuidland Government response is

Cosmetic treatments on the rise

In a report released by the bureau for health the number of Females getting cosmetic projecures is on the rise this ranges from everything from a simple face lift to a new injections that require no surgeries but still get the same result and is considered healthier.

The Minister of health Julia Bertens in 2017 already made those injections part of basic healthcare and many consider this part of the reason for the rise in the recent years.

by Zuid-land


International News

Mandla Mandela Died In Car Crash

After Mandla Mandela was pronounced dead in a car crash whilst in Bermuda to attend a gathering of the Solar Alliance General Assembly, local authorities have deemed the crash as suspicious. One office said "After looking at the scene we have concluded that the crash was no accident, whilst we cannot comment at this time the why the car crashed"

As was reported on Zuidland News earlier today Mandla Mandela was in Bermuda to address the Solar alliance general assembly on the Treatment of the Xhosa people, which is a controversial subject in the nation and one that the Solar Alliance Assembly has been monitoring over a number of deckades.

by Solar Administrator


Aztec-maya wrote:

Live video display of an operation against the Mega Cartel

We sat watching as three teams from Nacon Force converged on a villa in the province of Campeche. It was understood that the villa was a headquarters for the newly announced Mega Cartel in the region. It was hoped that by taking out the villa it would strike a major blow against this threat. Or at least that’s what I hoped, as since the attack on Nacon Force the Cartels have become more emboldened. Striking a number of government and law enforcement buildings throughout the region.

The strike teams arrived at the outer perimeter of the villa, I sat with the other commanders of Nacon Force and ADTP in anticipation, we needed this to be a success, otherwise The Kaloomte would surely insist on military intervention. Not that it would work I thought dryly to myself, remembering the meeting from three days ago.

“Sort this problem out or I will” the Kaloomte has said.
“But Kaloomte military force won’t work they will simply go to ground and you will risk alienating the local population to our cause” I had replied.
“Then get me results!” The Kaloomte had shouted before telling me to leave.

I could help but replay that meeting over and over in my head, as I watched the strike teams take out a couple of guards who were patrolling the outer perimeter. As they begain to take up positions to breach the compound it’s self, the lights suddenly turned on flooding the tv with bright light.

In the Secound that it took the video feed to adjust to the light, the sound of gun shots were going off. Then after a few minutes where I sat in silence knowing that the mission had been compromised, the camera of one of the officers was lifted up and a picture of a man came into view.

“Nice try... surely by now you can see we own your organisation. You can’t even go to the toilet without us knowing it”. Said the man, as he then dropped the camera and stepped on it destroying the video feed.

I sat there looking at the assembled commanders and thought “which of you betrayed us”. Knowing that they were all thinking the same accept the one who was on the take.


(15.9.2018) - IAN Atlanta Sunk! All hands lost!

Incident At Sea! IAN Atlanta Sunk with all hands!
Overseas in the Atlantic, the IAN Atlanta was sunk by what was said to be an Auroran ASW unit. The Imperial Atlantropan Navy has recalled all its fleets back to the East Coast, and has started to mobilize all its forces, reactivating many idle armies and air force units. Already negotiations with the Aurorans has started to break down, and many fear that war between Atlantropa and Aurora will be an inevitable outcome to the tragedy. The Emperor stated that Atlantropa will no longer support the UAO or the Zuidland, and that both should stay out of the possible coming conflict between Atlantropa and Aurora. The IAN Anna Yektaerina II, has been redeployed to the North Atlantic with her escorts.

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If your interested in Role Play then we have three regions for you to consider. Solar Alliance is our modern world Role Play region. Lunar Alliance is our Sci Fi region and Vroengard is our Fantasy region. Not only do we offer a variety of regions to cater to different types of role play but we also have an active and friendly discord server for the whole community. Not just that but we also a number of government positions for those wishing to take part.

So why join any of our regions over others? Simply because are always trying to evolve and give people new experiences, as well as trying to keep people engaged, with our regions and Nation States as a whole.

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