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DATE: 11th January

Detroit: ''While the city still has managed to maintain a relative prosperity, the demand from military for new vehicles has decreased, as world unification war has been announced as ''completed'', and transport industry there has started to shift towards buses, and trains. However, Institute predicts, that soon the demand will rise up again. ''Our scientists have been working on new car models, and in order to maintain peace, someone will need tons of cars and jeeps. I predict, that soon money will be pouring in once again.'' Detroit's mayor says.''
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ReykjavÝk : ''Membership of the ┴satr˙arfÚlagi­ has reported to have tripled in the last 10 years, with reformed heathenry becoming more and more popular in Iceland. The Go­ar of Iceland has already started to carefully challenge the Christian church's power there, and it is estimated, that the decline of the Abrahamic religions in Iceland will continue. However, Tom is more optimistic, saying, that ''Megastates are still a beacon of the Christ''.''
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Thule: ''SC's Canadian Military denies any rumors about leaks of chemicals, or nuclear fuel from the Thule Military Base. ''Those canisters are completely safe, and there is no way, how radioactive material would spill out!'' Local base guard says. Meanwhile, the local Inuits raise concern about the sea ice levels. ''It is perhaps one of the warmest winters ever recorded, and if something will not be done, Kalaallit Nunaat will have a risk of large flood in the future.'' A local nationalist says.
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Pretoria: '' We must look up to our history, and our ancestor values. Until very recently, they were still in living, albeit fading memory. However, now they are only a heroic tale of the past, as there is none, who could tell, what it was like from its own experience. So, we must make extensive records from our citizens, so our grand grandchildren later on could know the tales of our past.'' Ministry of Culture says in a speech, receiving loud applause.''
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Zulia: ''A bunch of smuggled cars and bikes discovered in Venezuelan province, along with tobacco. Smuggled goods have been seized by the government of Gran Columbia, and added to the national region's stockpile in Bogota. ''Smugglers will still be punished, but those goods will help us to reduce deficit a bit, and we can't throw away any option.'' The head of Colombia's police department says.''
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Mandalay: ''Local Burmese government officially announces transition period from Imperial system to Metric system. ''I know, that it will be a hard process, but so was our transition from Fahrenheit to Celsius.'' Tom laconically comments. Meanwhile, some of the Indochinese governors argue, if transitioning to metric system is ''pointless', and if funds should be spent elsewhere.''
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Fergan Valley: ''Ethnic tensions rise in SC's Central Asia once again, after the winter brought a risk of famine, as a lot of the agriculture in Central Asia was damaged during the conflicts of the past, and war chaos, and stockpiles haven't been filled enough. In order to prevent crisis, European Federation plans to donate a few goods in order to last through the winter.''
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Buryatia: ''Project of modernization of the Trans-Siberian Railway line has been announced by RBHU-3 after the inspection of the railroad - in some places, speed is very slow, and rails are damaged, and some of the technology, and bridges are outdated. However, project is expected to be very costly, and can last for 2 decades, or even more.''
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Written by Marie Beck, Reporter for the Silver News Network
Created by Ashweald

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I am not sure, if SC tells us the whole story - I have a feeling, that they hide something, as reports from locals, and reports in news sometimes differ a lot. Frankly, some of those news are absurd, and are like a painkiller for readers.

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