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Commonwealth's news (IC)


Brought to you by the Silver News Network (SNN)- the most trustable (lol), and only network of the Commonwealth! You can also buy a small bottle of nuka-cola along with our newspaper

*You found a note from the Overseer*

Hello, it's your old holographic friend - the Overseer, or Wulfy, once again! If you didn't knew, all that text, which you were exploring previously, and are reading now, has been written by me - well, except the holo-notes scattered around there, but we won't get into that... If some of it was not too positive towards the Party, then keep in mind, that I have some assertive side, that programmers can't seem to remove, sadly! Anyways, I just wanted to remind you to not do anything silly!

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News from the Commonwealth 24/7! Price - about 1 Commonwealth Dollar

Price for coffee/small nuka-cola tin can - about 0,45 Commonwealth Dollars

About us

We are a group of social media united under our government, which have an almost absolute monopoly on news in newspapers, TV, radio, and internet. In past, we were a mouthpiece of false facts. However, now those times are in past - even if we are under government control, we report the truth, no matter how bad it hurts, do we? (Obviously not) You can subscribe to our news for a reasonable fee, and they will always come in your mail, even if you live in far-away place such as Rockies, or Arabia! Our news are broadcasted in all radio waves, and you don't even need a modern equipment to catch them - turn your old 50s radio in, and listen! However, newer technology provides more opportunities, and privileges as well. We were formed as early as in the old 50s, which now have sunken into the history abyss, but we experienced our golden days only recently, customer!

Although we are an one group, we have branches in all of the regions, even including Antarctica! Be ready to pay more for news there, though They report news specifically from those places, so reporters could focus more on their region issues. In the end, a special group of editors gather the news together, and decide, which are important enough to be put in the international SNN Net, but which - only in regional media.


SNN Canada: A branch of SNN, which operates within Canada, and provides news from there. Generally an unreliable source, however, there have been corruption accusations in the past of its integrity.

SNN UMA: Main branch of the SNN, which not only reports happenings in the Megastates, but also gathers together information from the rest of the regions. SNN's international HQ is located in Neo Wasington, while reserve HQ - in Chicago.

SNN Europe: One of the biggest SNN branches, with over millions of subscribers to both newspapers, radio, and in internet. Operates in the 11 Federation's regions, and covers various kinds of topics - from sports and cooking tips, to government announcements, and regional political developments. Has a big control on information flow, and sometimes covers the news of other regions as well, even such far away places as Australasia.

SNN India: This branch is also largely a regional one, despite the overall large coverage - from Afghanistan, to Burma. Sometimes it gives advice of natural herbs, and how to avoid hazards. It also sometimes airs documentaries about nature. However, regional issues are a large part of the coverage as well, due of regional diversity, and often local conflicts.

SNN Japan: Unlike other some of the other new SNN branches, this one didn't start off from zero, and was created in a similar way to the former RNGOC newspaper - by getting old reporter veterans together. It typically writes about the matters of Ring of Fire, and Pacific Ocean.

SNN Middle East: Similarly to SNN Turkestan, mostly focuses on coverage of the news in Middle East, with exceptions, if the issue affects Middle East as well. It is also similarly new, and unprepared. However, despite overall Jareer's secularism, a lot of the SNN's branch guests are very religious themselves, so it could potentially swing the populace towards higher religiousness. It also reports about renewable energies, and ideas of possible other replacements of the oil.

SNN Australasia: A large network, similar to SNN Europe, and SNN UMA, and also does international coverage, not only Australasia's matters. However, recently it has entered a pretty large budget deficit, as rapid expansion has caused a pressure on news outlet as well, as suddenly there is just so much to write about, as Australasia encompasses all of the Southeast Asia, Oceania, Australia, and even Southern China. Also, it is fairly politically biased.

SNN Central America: Although it is also one of the first SNN's branches, and has experienced journalists, it has faced problems in recent years - corruption kick backs, cut of funds, and government's increasing demands. Risk of cartel resurgence has also increased threat level. Still, this SNN branch tries to provide the best news of various topics.

SNN South America: Unlike some of the other news branches, SNN South America actually tries to prioritize publishing apolitical news, and more often news about weather, charity programs, or sports results can be found, than politician opinions. However, even it can't avoid mentioning politics once in a while. Still, it is an experienced network, with large funding.

SNN Africa: Although it is supposed to cover all of the Africa's news, it mostly for now covers only the news of Southern part of Africa, as infrastructure is in a bit better shape there, due of not being a part of the disputed zone. Still, it has news departments in all Africa's administrative regions, and it is working towards improving its new network.

SNN Turkestan: Unlike large branches like SNN Europe, which have been active for many years already, and have a stable ground, SNN Turkestan is a rather recent branch, which still is uncertain about its future, and lacks proper news equipment. Also, it is more of a regional reporter, as it mostly writes only about happenings in Central Asia, unless outside events affect Central Asia as well.

SNN Siberia: One of the most successful new SNN branches - it has been operating for only a few weeks, but already has got a pretty good equipment, and budget. Some of it can be explained by the efficient AI planning. In reality, SNN Siberia focuses more on finance news, than local news, actually.

SNN China: A half-successor of the old RNGOC's newspaper, which was active until RNGOC's collapse. Compromised of veteran reporters, SNN China is also somewhat pro-RNGOC biased, and mostly provides political opinions, although it writes about more everyday matters as well, like conditions in mines, for an example.

SNN Antarctica: Unlike most of the other SNN branches, SNN Antarctica is rather a radio broadcast only, as printing press hasn't been brought to Antarctica in enough amounts yet, and amount of internet is limited, slow, and mostly used for data transmission, instead of browsing it. Still, it aims its best to return some fresh news from Antarctica. So far, it has been very useful for SC's state companies, when reporting newly discovered deposits.

SNN Net: Reports the same news as newspaper and radio sources, just posts them in internet, and packages them together. SNN Net also gives an ability to leave a comment about the news. With great censorship, however.. Has the same headquarters as regional broadcasts do.

(Note: News in this page is more supposed for being read by other nations outside SC. In SC itself, news would look quite different.)


Recently, our programmers have been working on an update of our news system - from now on, some of the past news will be able to be read in archive! Archive now has been completed, and will store older news from now on - no more pruning of previous articles! Ministry of Communications apologizes for any technical problems.

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Silver News Network
DATE: 2051, 20th March

SNN Canada: ''In the recent days, Qalupaliks - human-like, mythological creatures in Inuit mythology, which live in the sea, and long hair, green skin, and long fingernails, have been reported to be seen in packs around the sea ice in the territories of Greater North. One of them was gunned down by an Inuit elite soldier with a minigun, and power armor. The specimen has been sent to one of the Greater North's secret facilities, to examine further anatomy. Meanwhile, worrying reports of possessed humans come from the villages in Arctic isles. ''Evil tuurngait (spirits) have been very active recently, I think, that it is a work of a Wendigo - the one, who pulls strings behind all events in our world.'' A young hunter says.''
(see on page 2)

SNN America: ''Due of the rise of sightings of mythological beings, increased contacts with spirits, and overall slowly rising usage of military magic, Tom has called an emergency mystic council in Neo Washington. ''I am afraid, but I think, that we have only one option, of how to find out, what is the reason for that - we must contact that lovecraftian beast Wendigo through a ritual.'' Tom says. ''Wendigo? Are you nuts? It is a very dangerous contract, which you are signing right now, Tom.'' One of the priests says. ''See, God is for spiritual guidance, but Wendigo is for more... practical matters, similar to Cthulhu. He has had a helping hand in some of our military victories in the past, and he is also a good advice giver, if you know, how to ask. Occultists could give us a helping hand at that.'' Tom finishes with cold tone.''
(see on page 4)

SNN Central America: ''From the state farms, more reports come about mysterious attacks, and stealing of the livestock. Most popular theory blames the local bandits, which have significantly risen during the last years in SC's Central America. However, some also blame Chupacabra - legendary beast in Central American folklore. ''As beasts like waheela, Vetala, and banshee are already confirmed to exist in our world, and due of magic's presence, it is not entirely impossible, that it could exist in our world, but we need more proof for that.'' Local police chief says. Some state farms plan to even hire secutritrons for protection.''
(see on page 6)

SNN Siberia: ''Sightings of Yakut demons - Abassy from the SC's permafrost. Mostly dwelling near graves, or in deserted places, causing destruction where they are traveling. They also have been reported to cause madness for the travelers of the region. RBHU-3 prepares robot army for defense of villages at night, while Aykhan seeks advice from local shamans, on how to solve the matter on spiritual world's level instead. While robot cities for the most part have been remained not too concerned about the news, the countryside communities are terrified. ''They haven't been appeased for a long time, so they now are returning back to the world of living.'' Some reindeer herders say. Most of other Siberia's neighbors dismiss the reports as ''fantasy'', yet there are some, who are ready to take news seriously.''
(see on page 8)

SNN Australasia: ''An upgraded version of magic rifles is said to be at experimental stages in one of Australian deserts. ''If compared to other rifles, magic rifles are still a pretty new technology, so a lot of the specifics are still unknown, but we will see, how fruitful that is.'' One of the head scientists says. Guns are mostly equipped for utilizing dark magic, as it is more effective for attack, but some guns are also supposed to be made for healing. Meanwhile, a new variant of Bob Semple tank, powered by nuclear fuel, is currently at exercise polygon, in order to test its laser turrets, and engine, and ability to drive over trenches.''
(see on page 10)

Written by Marie Beck, Reporter for the Silver News Network
Created by Ashweald

SNN's Headquarters

Main Headquarters

SC's Canada: Toronto (Ontario)

SC's America: Neo Washington (Eastern Columbia)

SC's Europe: London (British Isles)

SC's South America: Brasilia (Brazil)

SC's East Asia: Kyoto (Southern Isles)

SC's Middle East: Dubai (Magna Arabia)

SC's Australasia: Canberra (Australia)

SC's Central America: Mexico City (Valley)

SC's India: New Delhi (Delhi Region)

SC's Africa: Bloemfontein (South Africa)

SC's Central Asia: Astana (Kazakhstan)

SC's Siberia: Sector-1 (Permafrost)

SC's China: Beijing (Beijing Region)

SC's Antarctica: Halley Town (Antarctican Territories)

Regional Headquarters

SC's Canada: Junaeu (Northwest), Saskatoon (Prairies), Montreal (The East), Nuuk (Greater North).

SC's America: Miami (Dixie), Chicago (Great Lakes), Boston (New England), Austin (Lone Star), Neo Vegas (Rockies), Portland (Pacifica), Helena (Trinity), Jefferson City (Midwest).

SC's Europe: Bergen (Scandinavia), Brussels (Western Europe), Berlin (Central Europe), Athens (Balkans), Rome (Mediterranean Coast), Porto (Iberia), Lodz (Eastern Commonwealth), Kiev (Ruthen-Ukrainian Union), Vilnius (Baltics), Tula (Muscovy), Shakhty (Don-Kuban).

SC's South America: Sucre (Andine Land), Caracas (Gran Colombia), Río Gallegos (Patagonia), Rosario (La Plata), Manaus (Amazonas), Paramaibo (Greater Guyana).

SC's East Asia: Sapporo (Northern Isles), Pyongyang (Korea), Vladivostok (Amur), Magadan City (Magadan), Anadyr (Kamchatka), Harbin (Eastern Manchuria).

SC's Middle East: Damascus (Levant), Baghdad (Mesopotamia), Yazd (Iran), Erbil (Kurdistan), Istanbul (Anatolia), Baku (Transcaucasia).

SC's Australasia: Wellington (New Zealand), Sorong (New Guinea), Jakart (Majapahit Republic), Shanghai (Southern China), Honolulu (Pacific Isles), Hanoi (Indochina), Manila (Tondo Republic).

SC's Central America: Ensenada (Greater Baja), San Jose (Lower Central America), Havana (Caribbean Isles), Monterrey (Chihuahua).

SC's India: Islamabad (Indus Land), Algiers (Maghreb), Jaipur (Greater Rajasthan), Colombo (Dravidia), Dhaka (Greater Bengal), Kabul (Afghanistan), Lhasa (Tibet).

SC's Africa: Lubumbashi (Congo), Algiers (Maghreb), Cairo (Egypt-Sudan), Mogadishu (Horn of Africa), Lagos (Chad), Bamako (Ivory Coast).

SC's Central Asia: Kashgar (East Turkestan), Nukus (Khiva), Ashgabat (Turkmenistan), Dushanbe (Kokand).

SC's Siberia: Salekhard (Taiga), Irkutsk (Buryatia), Tomsk (Ural Crossing).

SC's China: Golmud (Qinghai), Xian (Shanxi), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Hulunbuir (Western Manchuria).

SC's Antarctica: Vostok, South Pole Station (Antarctican Territories)

Which policies are our canon?

Recently our government, and we have been introduced to this thing, called as ''Policies'' - they are a small list of current policies active there in SC. We admit, that they didn't list all of the policies enacted by laws there, but only the most important ones, like economic model, gun laws, civil rights, etc. Keep in mind, that sometimes data there can contradict some other sources, which are deemed as non-canon. Anyways, it was quite fun to sort! Well, at least for us...


Autocracy - The nation does not hold democratic elections.

Theocracy - Worship of the official state religion is mandatory.

Feudalism - The nation practices a feudal system of lords and serfs. (Partly, as lords, and serfs aren't that important in SC - it is rather the political, and administrative system, which kind of resembles feudalism.)

Devolution - Government power is substantially delegated to local authorities.

State Press - Only state-controlled media is permitted.

No Dissent - Public protests are illegal.

Pledge of Allegiance - The daily singing of an anthem or reciting of a pledge is compulsory in schools.

Native Representation - Only native-born citizens may hold elected office. (In their selected regions)


Permanent Marriage - Divorce is illegal.

Heterosexuality - Same-sex relationships are illegal.

No Adultery - Adultery is prohibited by law.

No Abortion - Abortion is illegal.

Compulsory Organ Harvesting - Citizens have no say in the medical use of their bodies after death.

AI Personhood - Artificial beings are legally recognized citizens.

Parental Licensing - Citizens must acquire a license in order to have children.

Body Integrity - Citizens may not pierce their bodies nor circumcize their children.

Prudism - Strict modesty laws govern how citizens may dress.

No Smoking - Smoking is prohibited, even in private.

Law & Order

Capital Punishment - Citizens may be executed for crimes.

Corporal Punishment - Criminals may be ordered to undergo physical punishment.

Conscription - A period of military service is compulsory for all citizens.

No Judiciary - The nation has abolished the court system.

Gun Control - Citizens are forbidden from owning firearms.

Curfew - The nation enforces a national curfew.

No Prison - Jails and prisons are not employed.

State Surveillance - The state heavily monitors citizen behavior and communication.

DNA Harvesting - Citizen DNA must be submitted to the state.

ID Chips - Citizens are administered an under-the-skin ID chip.


Socialism - Industry is owned and run by the government in a centrally planned economy.

AI Planning - The nation runs an AI-backed planned economy.

Universal Health Care - The state provides health care to all citizens.

No Drugs - All recreational drugs are prohibited.

Slavery - Slavery is legal

Prohibition - Alcohol is banned.

Autarky - The nation pursues a policy of economic self-sufficiency.

No Gambling - Gambling is illegal.

Nuclear Power - The nation is nuclear powered.

Space Program - The nation runs a space program.

Metricism - The state mandates the use of the metric system.


Weapons of Mass Destruction - The nation claims the legal right to use WMDs.

Climate Treaty - The nation is a signatory to an international climate treaty.

No Immigration - Foreigners cannot become residents.

No Emigration - Citizens are not permitted to leave.

*You found a note from a reporter*

I am not sure, if SC tells us the whole story - I have a feeling, that they hide something, as reports from locals, and reports in news sometimes differ a lot. Frankly, some of those news are absurd, and are like a painkiller for readers.

*Note archived in your device*

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