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Raviolian Local Laws

The following laws are exclusive to the yellow imperial autonomus province of the Ravioli Foundation
The Local Autonomy Act
Approved on August 15th 2018

This law reafirms the local autonomy of the Ravioli Foundation as an autonoumus province of The yellow Empire, as it was decided during the signing of the Yellow-Ravioli Annexation Treaty.

After the establishment of this law the Ravioli Foundation will be allowed to pass any local laws that do not cause any harm to The Yellow Empire, if any laws are considered harmfull to the empire, The Emperor of the mighty Yellow Empire shall be legally allowed to intervene.
The Ravioli Unification Day
Approved on August 17th 2018

August 8th 2018 shall be recognized as a provincial holiday to celebrate the day the Ravioli Foundation joined The Yellow Empire as an autonoumus province