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Name of your nation: [Greater Indonesia Republic]
Location of your nation on the map: [Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei.]
Demographics of your nation: [Indonesian, Javanese, Dayaks, Malay, Singaporean, Sundanese.]
Population of your nation: [345.678.910]
Economics: [(GDP Nominal) $45.89 | (GDP) $56.90]
Leader of your nation: [President Joko Widodo | Vice President Mahathir Mohammad]
Government type of your nation: [unitary constitutional republic]
Brief history of your nation: [Malaysia and Indonesia unified after the Dutch manage to beat out the British in 1809. When Indonesia got their independence in 1905, Indonesia also got Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei. Until this day, Indonesia still rule Malaysia and the surrounding nations. Greater Indonesia was also involved in WW2. The Japanese troops landed in 1942, on the island of Tarakan. Afterward, the Indonesian Military has to fight the Japanese. At the end of the battle, many Indonesian, civilian or soldier, were killed during the invasion. Indonesia submitted to the United Nations (UN) in August 6th, 1947. At that time, Indonesia's president was Ir. Soekarno. In 1955, Indonesia held the second Asia-Africa Conference in the city of Bandung. The first conference was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Indonesia was involved in peacekeeping mission in several parts of the worlds. In 1963, Indonesian Military was send to Vietnam alongside the US Military, when an Anti-Communist president, Soeharto wins the election. Indonesia Military would have to fight the NVA from 1963-1975.]
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