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Treaties Signed by the Foundation

These are the treaties that have been signed by the Ravioli Foundation
Yellow-Ravioli annexation treaty

Signed in august 8th 2018 with the purpose of recognizing The Emperor of the mighty Yellow Empire's as legitimate successor of Ravio, as well as integrating the foundation as an autonoumous province of the empire.

The Ravioli Foundation will officialy recognize The Emperor of the mighty Yellow Empire as rightfull emperor of The Yellow Empire and remove all propaganda against him.

The Ravioli Foundation will provide the empire official lines of succession and will also establish an official timeline to the empire (kind of like an RP but based on the real history of the empire).

The Ravioli Foundation will become a province of the empire with major autonomy.

The Yellow Empire will be allowed to send a representative to the Ravioli Foundation to make sure the interests of the empire are followed, and the Ravioli Foundation will also be allowed to send a representative to The Yellow Empire to guarantee the treaty and the interests of the foundation are followed.

The Ravioli Foundation shall only be legally allowed to leave the empire if:
*This treaty is not correctly followed
*The Yellow Empire tries to overthrow the local government
*The local government sees that the foundation is not recieving clear representation or is being threatened.