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by The Imperium of Vamperiall. . 184 reads.

[ARCHIVED] You’ve been raided!

[box][b][size=180][color=goldenrod]When you’ve been raided, the first thing you think about is~[/color][/size][/b]

[color=goldenrod]Stuff you, you took away my region![/color][/box]

[box]You bet we have, but we don’t plan to stay long. An occupation may last a day or a week, but you will have your region back soon enough. We might plan to take it over for a long time, and make it one of our territories, but in most cases, we’ll just jump into you region, take your jelly beans, graffiti on your World Factbook Entry.[/box]

[box]You know, raiding is also very good for a region, because it prunes away inactive nations, and gets rid of founderless, useless regions. 

So the first thing you should be thinking is,

Thanks, you’ve fixed my region![/box]

P.S. We also took all of your pretty girls.

Thanks for understanding!

-Emperor Vampereo the III

The Imperium of Vamperiall