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by The Imperium of Vamperiall. . 184 reads.

[ARCHIVED] You’ve been raided!

When you’ve been raided, the first thing you think about is~

Stuff you, you took away my region!

You bet we have, but we don’t plan to stay long. An occupation may last a day or a week, but you will have your region back soon enough. We might plan to take it over for a long time, and make it one of our territories, but in most cases, we’ll just jump into you region, take your jelly beans, graffiti on your World Factbook Entry.

You know, raiding is also very good for a region, because it prunes away inactive nations, and gets rid of founderless, useless regions.

So the first thing you should be thinking is,

Thanks, you’ve fixed my region!

P.S. We also took all of your pretty girls.

Thanks for understanding!

-Emperor Vampereo the III

The Imperium of Vamperiall