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Treaty of the Golden Star

The North Pacific Handbook

WHEREAS the regions of The North Pacific and Greater Dienstad, hereafter jointly referred to as "the signatories", are cognizant of their rich communities forged over time with a strong emphasis on roleplay; and

WHEREAS the signatories wish to develop closer ties with one another through continued discussions, as well as the treaty undertakings set forth herein;

THEREFORE, the signatories agree as follows:

Section I - Mutual Recognition
1. The signatories recognize one another as the sole, legitimate, and sovereign governments of their respective NationStates regions.
2. The signatories shall maintain in-game embassies (i.e., on the NationStates site) with one another as well as off-site embassies (i.e., on their regional forums) should both regions maintain an offsite forum.

Section II - Intelligence Sharing
1. The signatories shall provide information to their counterpart's head of government which is pertinent to the other region's security or well-being, unless the signatory in possession of such intelligence reasonably believes that doing so would violate applicable laws or contravene the terms of service for NationStates or said signatory's forum provider, or when revealing that information would unduly compromise that party's source(s) of information.
2. The signatories will keep confidential all intelligence provided to them under this Section, unless the other signatory consents to the release.
3. The signatories will not in any way, direct or indirect, initiate or participate in espionage, subterfuge, or other clandestine operations against one another. For this purpose, a "clandestine operation" is one or more persons acting under false pretenses in one signatory's home region or regional forum, without that signatory's knowledge, and at the direction of the other signatory.

Section III - Mutual Defense
1. The signatories agree not to engage in any military hostilities against one another. Participation by the signatories on opposite sides of a military engagement that does not constitute an attack on either signatory's home region shall not be considered "military hostilities against one another" for this purpose.
2. The signatories will not attempt to overthrow one another.
3. The signatories shall provide one another military assistance in case of a military attack, either internal or external, targeting the other signatory's home region, to the best of their ability, and at the request of the other signatory.

Section IV - Cultural Endeavors
1. The signatories shall endeavor to conduct communal cultural activities to the benefit of members of both regions, such as an annual roleplay and cultural exchange.
2. The signatories shall recognize a shared space where universes overlap in their roleplay worlds and will endeavor to coordinate in this shared space. The signatories agree that interactions within this shared space occur within its own unique continuity.
3. In-character representatives from each signatory's roleplay world will be given diplomatic status in the countries of the other signatory's world.
4. The signatories shall endeavor to attend each other's roleplay expositions and other large-scale roleplay events.

Section V - General Provisions and Dissolution
1. This treaty shall come into effect upon its ratification by the duly authorized individuals or bodies of both the signatories.
2. Either signatory shall endeavor to give a week's notice in the aforementioned embassies before withdrawing from this treaty.
3. Both signatories agree to make all reasonable efforts to seek a diplomatic solution before withdrawing.

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