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by The Celestial Empire of Auzkhia. . 365 reads.

The Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents: The Problem of Fake News in the Multiverse

Esteemed reader,

It is come to our attention, on behalf of His Imperial and Royal Majesty's government, that a rogue organization called the "World Assembly" has been distorting information about sovereign entities and publish census data called "NS Stats". Our own internal bureaus and the NS stats are often at odds with each other. You might have noticed these discrepancies upon closer reading. We find it unfair that some organization in the multiverse is giving travelers of the multiverse an inaccurate image of the Realm and ultimately this universe. We are not a desert island facing the plague. While we have some deserts in our land, it is not truly representative of most of our biomes. NS stats assume everyone is this human species, while some of those beings exist here, they are nothing but a curiosity and some even think they are deformed due to a lack of fur, tails, and magic.

We presume that the World Assembly exists in a universe where there is no magic like ours, but with such capabilities as inter-universal travel. Perhaps their communication is still a bit rudimentary, but that would suggest a technical error rather than intentional misinformation. Information between the universes fades through each translation, and of course, due to the multilingual nature of the empire, and the world at large, some mistakes were made.

We apologize for the confusion, and so we advise the lands of this universe, and the multiverse at large, to heed this message and ignore NS stats, for they are wrong.

On behalf of His Imperial and Royal Majesty, and the Realm,
-The Bureaucrat.