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Words of Wisdom

Please inform me if you would like a quote removed.



Free american empire- (now Silver Commonwealth):
Smadzenes ir laba lieta. Vai tev tās ir?

Latvian of
A brain is a good thing, do you have it?

It does take considerable amount of pain to make your heart stop beating.

On the quote in my signature at that time:
I am stuck between the phase of "I want to die" and "I'm scared of dying".

Yeah, quite a phenomenon that Mr. Exotic Scripts can't find a script for a nation.

On Saxon Tribe's signature:
Since there is no accessible information on the Old Saxon language, I won't use it for this nation.

Paleocon states of america:
Banned for being a Chinese knockoff of the Republic of China.

The You're Banned Game VI (?)

Silver Commonwealth:
Also gets quite offended by Stalin, and Mao memes, and wants to punch in the face a few users from r/socialism.

How they imagine me in real life

Third asopia:
Random Burmese words.

Write the opposite of AN’s motto
Possibly refers to the first part of the motto in Traditional script (ဇီႊယူႇရၢႇသာ်ႉ) (in Modern script: Zī̃jū̀ rə̄̀ Są̌)

People usually overestimate and underestimate their significance to the world simultaneously.

on the Phrase of the Week

Silver Commonwealth:
You are not you, when you are sad. Do not break, get a hug.

On my signature containing an image that I called "Me (20xx, decolorized)".
Image can be found Linkhere.

I managed to get someone's YouTube suggestions to be a load of birb videos. #proudbirb


Dawetid teen turns in science essay soaked in own tears; wins prestigious scholarship.

AN man

Also, socialism would have worked out better if it was implemented at a time such as 200 B.C.(E)


Banned because Dawetid should be PERMANENTLY banned from this thread.

The greek senate:
Banned because Dawetid did nothing wrong


The You're Banned Game VII
Note: Ginirato is a puppet of Belgaam.

New Transeurasia:

The You're Banned Game VII

New Transeurasia:
Banned because you are more rude than anyone else on this thread, combined

The You're Banned Game VII

Free Arabian Nation:
(requested by Valentine Z)
(requested by Valentine Z)

New Transeurasia:
How in hell was that suggested by valentine z


I relate, but I'm surprised that VZ requested that

Starting from this thread, all are commenting about the Phrase of the Week at that time:

K̆vā́ lav są̌.
I want to die.

The phrase was suggested/requested by Valentine Z.

What else can I say about this nation? It's Dawetid, they've essentially built a legacy here on Nationstates.

What's the distinguishing/unique feature of AN or its User?, describing me.

Zitravgrad (on Discord):
Anything is possible in NS issues
Except getting your stats in the right direction

On a picture of an issue response where the phrasing seemed not to make sense.

Millennial: *studies history of english literature in college* Why can't I get a job? I know! It's the capitalists' fault!

Response to the following quote:
It's funny how the countries that never were under communist yoke want it, while the ones that have seen the horrors of the red demon have outlawed it.

Banned because you haven't created any puppets, they've all been created by your mother nation, you among them.

The You're Banned Game VII

In addition to being wrong, you're also stupid

Favorite thing in AN's sig (3)

Silver Commonwealth:
They seem to be the only ones highly dedicated to fighting against the evils of dark theme, even if it is just memes.

What's the distinguishing/unique feature of AN or its User?

Federal Spanish States:
Dawetid, why? Why are you everywhere?

One day, the user behind Dawetid was thinking of creating an extreme language. He thought: "Why not make a language that uses only vowels?

The Multiverse of Holly Starlight:
And also the one of the only persons here to appreciate the beauty of the Burmese script, and thank you for not going to the dreadful Zawgyi One font!

Compliment the Above Nation (me in this case)

Scottish Socialists:
[…] is a word only spoken by the truly wisdom filled people of the world, I’ll have you know.

And this is put under the Word of Wisdom label.
The word cannot be entered here for technical reasons.

To ban, or not to ban,—that is the question:—

From a Mad Libs game on Discord.

When it is someone else, I disregard it as a mistype. When it is Quark, I need to find the double meaning behind that.

After I just wrote "]" on Discord.

Silver Commonwealth:
Banned for swearing too little.


Federal Spanish States:
Dawetid doesn't get banned.

In an argument over whether a number is 2 + 0.5 or 2 × 0.5. I was right.

Revolutionario cuba:
Click show on the above messages to see the average IQ of any socialist peasant dog.

Message board of Wolves of NS region.

Federal Spanish States:
I mean... of course they're not gonna bite!

You sleep with banhammers, remember?

Response on Belgaam's quote:
“Night night, don't let the BANNED BUGS bite!”

Looks like Dawetid's getting the banned back together.

On a quote in my signature

Tetradimensional overworld:
I swear I'd ban ya if you continue copying my quotes.

On a quote in my signature

Tetradimensional overworld:
War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. PAS is Democratic.

On Pan-Asiatic States.

It must be six hundred paragraphs of purely the word "Banned".

About this dispatch.


What's the distinguishing/unique feature of AN or its User?

Neo-Unified Nations:
A Banhammer is a good thing, everyone has to own it or they die.

Response to: A brain is a good thing — everyone ought to have it.

New Transeurasia:
Of course the title is king and not president or prime minister, the government is that dysfunctional

On someone's claim as "king of F7"

I always knew there was a monarchist in you.

On the phrase of the week:

Cúŋ jī̃ tevm̆jìn lav qą̃ d̆rǐm.
There are always conning commoners who wish to do us harm.
(in the tone of a monarch)

Neo-Unified Nations:
What cake? all i see is banhammers being thrown at my face.

Reaction to «Click here for free cake.»

Eternal lotharia:
Guys if there were honestly taxes for everything here there'd be a revolution against the tax collectors specifically.

There’s a tax for that!

Samudera Darussalam:
Banned because all hail ban-hammer, the only true ruler and savior of this thread.

After a reply by user Ban-Hammer

Maybe if you weren't so defensive about it people would stop teasing you kiddo.

Reply to an unnecessarily defensive (and self-conscious) user