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SWAN has finally launched!



SWAN has finally launched!

If you endorse this initiative,
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Finally, after months of waiting, the Southern World Assembly Initiative (SWAN) has finally launched! You can check it out here. You are probably very confused right now, especially if you are a new NationStates player. Basically, this is a kind of PR programme that uses messages of encouragement and a system of awards to urge nations on to join the World Assembly, endorse the Delegate (Tsunamy), all member nations of the Council on Regional Security (CRS) (Tsunamy, Farengeto, Sandaoguo, Kringalia, Pencil Sharpeners 2), and finally, every other World Assembly nation in the South Pacific (TSP). Joining this initiative is one of the easiest ways for all nations, especially new ones, to contribute to this region and have fun aside from answering issues! This programme is managed and run by the government of the Coalition of the South Pacific.

Additionally, the endorsement cap (A limit of how many endorsements you can legally have) has been increased to 300 to make everything easier! We will increase the cap further in the future as the endorsement counts and influence of the Delegate and the CRS increase.

What are the benefits for my nation, the region, and how do I participate?

The homepage dispatch of this initiative provides the introduction on how to participate and the benefits of participating.

In a nutshell, the benefits are:

  • More endorsements, influence and voting power for your own nation!

  • Your nation will receive awards if you participate!

  • A more secure, dynamic, active and powerful TSP!

If you are a complete noob and don't know how to join the World Assembly or endorse a nation, we provide a short and easy to follow how-to guide to guide you through everything! If you want to know more about the benefits of taking part in this initiative for your nation and the region, you should read this dispatch which covers important information about the subject.

It is so tedious to find and endorse hundreds of nations. How do I do it fast?

Our how-to guide provides tips on how to find nations to endorse and how to endorse a lot of nations in an easy and efficient way. Soon we will release tools to help you do things even more efficient!

How do I track my progress?

You can track how well your nation is doing using various censuses that update every 24 hours. Additionally, you can track how well the region itself is doing using the statistics dispatch.

What is this award thing?

Awards are something we will give out every month to nations that have achieved everything that this initiative encourages. There are currently five types of awards available and you can view a list of them and how to get them here. These awards are technically just for fun but since we will release a dispatch that lists all nations that receive awards every month, having awards will increase your visibility in the region and help you to get more endorsements and friends, which will be extremely beneficial if you decide to join regional politics (i.e running for elections). Aside from that, each award has a badge that you can include in your forum signature or dispatches to show that you have contributed something to this region!

A cool thing to try

We have something called the Portrait of the South Pacific which is a graphical representation of all WA nations in the South Pacific and the endorsements between them. It is updated every 24 hours. We hope it will show you how large and dynamic our region is! You can check it out here.

We hope you will enjoy this initiative and find this region as well as NationStates a more friendly and cheerful place because of it!

Everything below this point is for nerds,
stop reading now if you are not interested in NationStates 'Gameplay' topics!

Why we decided to make this

The serious intention to make a World Assembly programme came around at the end of 2017. This arose owing to the South Pacific's very low Delegate endorsement count at the time: the lowest of all the feeder regions. This hurts the South Pacific's voting power in the World Assembly as a delegate can cast a weighted vote on WA resolutions whose weight depends on the number of endorsements they have. Aside from that, low delegate endorsement count led to a low endorsement cap which severely restricts endorsement activity. Low endorsement activity means a majority of nations in the region have low endorsement count and low influence. When a coup happens, having most nations have low endorsement count and influence provides ideal conditions to maintain the coup for a very long time.

The Southern World Assembly Initiative will attempt to solve the problem by encouraging and providing incentives for nations to endorse the Delegate, CRS, and all nations in this region. The increased endorsement activity created by this initiative will increase endorsement count and influence of every nation in this region including the Delegate. Increased delegate endorsement count will increase the voting power of the South Pacific and its nations in the World Assembly. Aside from that, having a large base of nations with very high influence and a high endorsement count will make it virtually impossible for someone to maintain a coup and will make recovering from a coup, should it happen, a lot easier than before. Preventing coups from happening is critical to the South Pacific, especially when both our foreign and domestic affairs remain tense.

In the long term, an increased Delegate endorsement count will allow the endorsement cap to be lifted higher, which will generate more endorsement activity. This positive feedback loop is desirable as there will be a point we will be able to stop the usage of the traditional static endorsement cap (using a hard number) to a TNP-style dynamic endorsement cap here the limit is a relative percentage. A liberal endorsement cap policy will provide the region with the best environment for endotarting activities. We expect this will increase TSP's attraction to new nations or nations that are looking for a new region and make them migrate to us. Increased migration over time will help drive up the region's activity on both the gameside and forumside and hopefully, increase the number of nations that participate in our political institutions such as Linkthe Assembly.

The reason why we trust a WA program will improve our region in these areas is because we saw it did well in two regions that use it (The North Pacific, Europeia). Both the North Pacific (TNP) and Europeia have a very high percentage of nations that are in the WA and endorsing the delegate, along with that is a very high average endorsement count and influence level of each nation. Despite that, we are well aware that a WA program alone is not enough to do the justice. There need to be an elaborative telegram campaign and PR campaign in order to reach the level of success TNP and Europeia currently have in the WA. There are already future plans to establish them for our region.

To summarize, this programme will help us increase our influence on the interregional stage via the World Assembly, prevent future coups from happening, improving regional activity, and in the long term, foster a culture of endotarting and making the South Pacific a more awesome and unique region!

The inspiration

This program is heavily inspired by the North Pacific's World Assembly Development Program and Europeia's World Assembly Advancement Program. Both of them were created by the same nation (R3naissanc3r). Although this programme uses drastically different software technologies, graphics, and dispatch writing style, the main idea of how it works is still the same: Using positive messages, easy-to-access instructions, and incentives (Awards) to encourage nations to participate.

The plan

We will run this program using the same format as the North Pacific. Data will be collected and dispatches will be updated once per day. An award volume will be published using a dispatch on the first day of every month. This programme is planned to be a permanent fixture of the region and it will continue as long as the Coalition of the South Pacific remains in control of the region and actively promote it.

Unlike other RA (Regional Affairs) programmes, the Southern World Assembly Initiative is a large cooperation between many government institutions such as the Ministry of Regional Affairs, the Local Council,... as well as individuals. It doesn't lie under the management of any single government institution and there are no laws/regulations that regulate it. Of course, this information is just temporary and only applied to when this programme was launched. We may see some regulation or formal management effort in the future.

The future

Initially, to carry out an initial assessment of the program's performance, the endorsement cap will be risen to 300 to give nations more liberty to endorse. If the program delivers good results (Higher endorsement count and influence for many nations), the endorsement cap will be risen higher and higher until we can move to an endorsement cap policy similar to the North Pacific.

In the future, we will provide you with tools to make endotarting a lot easier. Additionally, we may create a telegram campaign to assist SWAN in encouraging nations to join the WA and endorse. Aside from that, several bugs will be fixed in the future as we will move from getting data using the daily data dump to the game's API. We will definitely add more fun things to this program too, based on feedback and ideas from TSP residents and the staffs that run this. (Learn how to send feedback and ideas here)


Owing to how complex this programme is, a huge amount of personnel and efforts have been poured into it over the timespan of more than half a year. Here are the credits to everyone who has participated in the planning and creation of this program:

The planning wouldn't go properly without the help from our friends in the North Pacific, the birthplace of the first WA programme. Some notable individuals are:

  • SillyString: Adviser on security-related matters and gives insight about how the North Pacific manages its own WA programme and how the programme works

  • McMasterdonia: Adviser on PR-related matters

Last but not least, the original idea behind this WA programme came from R3naissanc3r.