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Ms. Patricia Lancergate of Hundredstar

Established: 1st August 2018


Windybrook Center, Bledllyn
Headquaters: Windybrook Center,
Bledllyn, Hundredstar

The HUSKHAP TREATY is an international organization established with a vision to promote peace and common prosperity among the Hundredstar, and One jamaica. Upon the agreement signed and ratified by each of the two governments, the HUSKHAP TREATY was officially inaugurated in Bledllyn, Hundredstar, August 1st, 2018.On the basis of equal participation, each government shares total operational budget.

The HUSKHAP TREATY consists of a Consultative Board and four fives Departments. The Consultative Board, which is the executive decision-making body of the organization, is composed of a Secretary-General and three Deputy Secretaries-General. The Secretary-General is appointed on a two-year rotational basis. Under the Consultative Board, there are fives Departments of Political-Military Affairs, Economic &Scientific Affairs, Socio-Cultural Affairs, Management, and Finance and Trade. The Fives Departments are composed of officials seconded by the members' countries, and General Service Staff recruited through open competition from the fives countries.

  1. Hundredstar

  2. One jamaica

  3. The Islamic State of Libonesia
    Former Members

  4. Steelbaron

  5. Khantari

  6. Pauh janggi

    • Ms. Patricia Lancergate of Hundredstar (end August 1st, 2020)

      The Honorable Patricia Lancergate formerly serve as Hundredstar Permanent to Council of Islamic Cooperation, Samudera Darussalam and Bay of Ali Cooperation Organisation.
      Deputy Secretary-General
    • Ms. Erica Stallion Mollano of One jamaica

    Members Special Envoys

    1. Ambassador Dr. James Watt Glendifull of Hundredstar, Head, Departments of Political-Military Affairs

      The Honorable Ambassador Glendifull formerly serve as Ambassador to Salapa, Kalijaran, Ivelboria and Hundredstar Permanent Representative to Foreign, Defense & Security Affair Center, Darul takzim
    2. Ambassador Rasol Madangdangan of Libonesia, Head, Departments of Economic &Scientific Affairs

    3. VACANT, Head, Departments of Socio-Cultural Affairs

    4. VACANT, Head, Departments of Management

    5. Ambassador Stephon Heleno Magateeas of One jamaica, Head, Departments of Finance and Trade

    Huskhap Meeting, 2018

    Affiliate Bodies
    - HUSKAP Economic & Investment Council Leadership: Dr. Mike Alva Desloge (Khantari Finance Minister) - update 09 Aug 2018

    - 1st Foreign Minister Meeting, 23-24 August 2018, Fort Raleigh, Khantari
    - 1st Minister of Education Meeting, 17-18 Sept. 2018, Kotaraja, Pauh janggi
    - Exercise Joint Seagul 2018, Oct 2018, Hundredstar

    - 1st HUSKAP Summit; 2-4 September 2018, Bledllyn, Hundredstar

    Upcoming Programs
    Meeting for creation of HUSKAP Economic & Investment Council (HEIC). (26-27 August 2018, HUSKAP HQ)
    HEIC purpose is to promote trade exchange among member States, by:
    - Organizing trade fairs and specialized exhibitions and other trade activities to contribute to the promotion of the Member States products;
    - Encouraging contacts among businessmen of the Member States and bringing them together;
    - Organizing symposia and training seminars for participants from the Member States.
    - Helping disseminate trade information and data among the Member States.
    - Undertaking studies and researches.
    - Helping the Member States create national organizations or associations for the promotion of trade, or reinforcing existing ones.

    Exercise Joint Seagul 2018
    - joint naval exercise beginning Oct 2018
    - Hundredstar Secretary of Navy, Ms. Catherine Lumberguard will be head of EX. JOINT SEAGULL 18 Project

    - 1x Custerguard class FFG, HNS Custerguard - FFG1
    - 1x Eagleworth class oiler HNS Limpoon Bay- A1303
    - 1x Overload-class SSK HNS Optimum - S518

    - 1x Type-959 Frigate/ Hoffman-class KNS Stormview Hill- F753

    - 2x Phlegethon Class FFG ESS Cape Steelair & ESS Gulf of Razorsteel

    Pauh janggi
    - 1x Bentaraguru Class FFG KPJ Bentaraguru -FFG 201

    One jamaica
    - Carrier USS Lance T. Moacir
    - 3x Destroyers; USS Arota, USS Banner, and USS Bond